Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20th 2012 email from Ireland

Dearest Family and Friends,

Hope your week has been super great, from those what I have read it sounds like it. I can not believe 3 marriages of my friends have occured maybe more and I have only been out 2 month. That is so wonderful though. I am sure they are loving it. Probably not recieving as many blessings as I am, being out in the mission field and all. Just kidding :) Marc is home already? And Josh and Cody come home within the next 2 weeks? That is so crazy!!!! THey have all been great examples to me. I am excited to hear all their fun stories in 16 months haha.
So nothing super interesting happened this week but I will try to make it sound as great as possible. It was a good week though. We had zone conference on Tuesday. The mission president and his assistance were there, so there were alot of inspiring thoughts and personal revelation going on in that meeting. None that immediatly come to mind right now though. A lot of it was focused on obedience and I felt really good because I have worked hard on being obedient because any missionary I talked to said that obedience is key. I still have things to work on but for the most part I feel successful in doing that. But always striving to do better :) I don't believe that I have mentioned meeting with our new investigator, Willy. We met him at a park and he was interested in learning more. So we went to his home and brought our senior couple along. I was so thankful they were there because it was so hard for me to concentrate in his home. He lives in a small flat and has 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 3 birds. So it was a pretty messy place and it was so hard to concentrate. The next time we met with him we made sure it was somewhere else. So we met him at the shopping centre and had a lesson about the plan of salvation there. It went much better. He read the plan of salvatoin pamphlet we gave him before our lesson and he had lots of questions which was great. But he kept saying he is going to the terrestrial kingdom because of how he lives his life. We are trying to help him understand that he can go to the Celetrial Kingdom and find most happiness there, that is what we are here to do, help people know how to find eternal happiness. So we hope to continue to meet with him and teach him more. The other biggest news is that I had my first talk on the mission yesterday. God sure blessed me with peace compared to my farewell talk. Sister Jedlickova let me practice on her 2 times that morning which was a huge help. It was about member missionary work. I told the stories about Grandma Mary, Grandma Charlene, and Kaeli-ann's conversion. I may have made up a few parts. But I told them best to my memory :) But I talked about how all of them involved members in the conversion. It went pretty good, except for the fact that my papers fell in the middle of the talk. Talk about embarrassing! But it is over now so hopefully wont be talking for a while.
Transfers will be happening next week. Next sunday we will find out if we move at all. I am praying not to because I want to be here for when Claire is baptized. I don't feel one way or the other if I will be moving or not. Because of moves I may be emailing a different day but we don't know. Usually President Brown keeps trainers and trainees together for 12 weeks.
I love you all and hope your week is fantabulous!!!!!!!!
Much love,
Sister Nicoll

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