Monday, July 22, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
This past week or so the Zone leaders extended us a commitment. Each day we are to write down a miracle we see. I love these kind of commitments. I am able to see more and more that there are so many small miracles all around us. But just like Alma says ".. by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."(Alma 37:6-7). Now this week I have not seen anything that really confounded the wise but I did see many small miracles. One is the right member for our friends. We had two joint teaches this week and they really do make the difference. Many of our friends can only meet during the day and many members work or are on holiday. We were also able to get to a concern of one of our friends and realize that we will need to do small step by small step to help her. We will be starting the non-smoking program with one. Another miracle was yesterday evening. We had no set appointments but went to Camelon to try by referrals and potentials. Well the referral was great. It was an older couple the elders met. We were going to discuss family history and they asked us why we are promoting it. Well we got on some good gospel subject. And we gave them a Book of Mormon instead of the Family HIstory website. Better trade I would say :) The weather has been excellent this week as well. We were able to have a bbq with a family and do service for them. SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
Three things that I see that really go hand in hand are... Patience, humility, and miracles. We wont recognize miracles unless we are humble and really know that it is God who is making things happen and we need patience to really see things through. I am so greatful for the countless miracles God has allowed in my life. It is funny that God needed to send me to Scotland and Ireland to teach me so many of the eternal truths I have learned. But really there is no other place or situation that I needed in order to learn it all. God really is so good to all of us. We just need to recognize it and appreciate it.
I love you all and hope that this week is an excellent week for you all!
Sister Nicoll

pic 1) Town centre on a beautiful evening. Can you believe this is about 8:45 pm. Stays light til about 10
pic 2) best meal ever! Fish and chips and irn bru from Benny t's
pic 3) Sister Powell enjoying her best meal ever!

Monday, July 15, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
First of all, I am not sure how the Arizona missionaries make it through the summers? It has been a bit warm and sunny and really lovely! But any hotter I feel like I would die. Lots more respect for the missionaries serving in Arizona. We have not seen a rainy day in 10 days and I am loving it. But I do miss the rain just a bit. I do like the little tan I do have though.
I forgot my planner today (which has my whole life down to the hour), so I can't remember all that we did this week. So I will just briefly go over what I do remember. Tuesday to Thursday we had exchanges. I was able to serve with Sister Clegg here in Falkirk. She has been out for about 5 months. She is a great missionary and really funny, so we had a good time together. We had to use the toilet really bad while we were trying by some people. Well we went by every less active and member in the area and NOBODY  was home. It was to the point where we had to take breathing breaks we had to go so bad. Well we finally made it to a dogdy shop in the middle of town. They let us use their toilet that had spider webs all around and not sure that the door locked. But finally felt so much better. It was a dramatic 30 minutes looking for a toilet.
Some exciting news. We finally got to do a church tour with Kirsty. We had a picnic at the church with her and her children and a couple members came as well. It was a lot of fun! Then yesterday both Kirsty and Nicky came to church. It was so wonderful! I love them both so much and feel like we are good friends with both. They both seemed to enjoy it! Made my whole week better! Well sadly that is all I can think of to write.
HOpe you all are having a great week and summer!
Sister Nicoll

Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,

This week has been exhausting! But looking back I can't really see what made me so tired but makes me feel we are doing something right. I decided this week to be boring for you to read but exciting for me to write about. I will give you a brief overview of who we are working with:

***May Jarvie- Met her this week. She is 93!!! She is as active as a 60 year old! She grew up on a farm and she said that is what kept her so fit. I believe it. She is lovely. She said that at her age she won't change her religion (common response here) but will listen to what we say. So we will do the ground work here and missionaries on the other side will pick it up from where we lift off 

***Andrina- Also met her this week. She is a former investigator. Her husband was an active member but passed away a few years ago. She has a big fear of going under water. But she admitted that she is not sure if that is the real reason. So we will try to help her because she said she knows it is true and wants to be with her husband forever!

***Robert- He is a friend of a member. We met him for the first time the other day. He is 81 and wants to know about seeing his wife again and understand what we believe. Very talkative and nice man. He is going on holiday for 2 weeks but hope to see him before he leaves. 

*** Kirsty- We have been seeing her for about 2 months. She hasn't been to church yet but she has a sincere desire to learn but not so much on acting. Her daughters love "Once there was a snowman" and " Popcorn popping" :)

***NIcky- She is the miracle lad who pulled over and wanted to feed us because she knew missionaries after living in Utah for a year. She is so cool and feeds us almost weekly. Her partners daughter is 15 and is usually there and she is such a great girl!

I love all these people so much! Feel so blessed to be teaching them. We have decided we need to help with strengthening the branch here. So much of our time and effort will be visiting with members and helping them help the others. 

One last thought. I have learned that almost always we will not be placed in an "ideal" situation. Each companionship, area, and everything has it's difficulties. We learn to make the "ideal" situation by being selfless and seeking for the best. I love this gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is truly the way to greatest happiness for now and for the eternities. So make this a great week for yourselves. "Come what may and love it"

Sister Nicoll 

Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello Family and Friends,
Lots of changes this week, at least it feels like. It is funny how everytime on the mission when you start to getting comfortable, things tend to change on you. It is a good thing in the end.. I have learned that much :) By the end of 3 months, Sister Ricks and I were doing real well and were on the same page for just about everything. Now it is onto adjusting with a new companion and learning each others ways. Just like every other move. But my new companion, Sister Powell, is a great sister. She has really come out prepared. She really knows the doctrine and is ready to work. She loves talking to everyone. She does bus contacting which I am still hesitant on. She was given the challenge to invite someone to baptism by Sunday and she did it to a young couple on the bus. They kindly declined but she is ready to go. I love it :) She is from Rexburg Idaho and she actually lived near and knows an Elder that we serve with in the Branch. So funny to think that they met up again in SCOTLAND! Which did you know that I am currently in Scotland. Probably one of my most favorite places EVER! I really am so blessed to serve here. It is absolutely gorgeous and the people are very real with us. If they don't like things you are doing or sharing with them, they let us know. They are super funny as well and have great sense of humours. Just happy I am serving here. And also grateful to serve in Ireland as well. Much of my heart with always be there and with the people there.
I mostly rambled on about that because there is not much to report about this week. So I will do a brief overview :) Monday and Tuesday Sister Ricks and I went around and let her say her goodbyes. She had a great impact on the people here. She is a great missionary. We got to see Kirsty and Nicky again. I love them. Also had our last lunch at McDonald's. Kind of love that place. Then Wednesday woke up at 5am (still don't like mornings) and went to the mission home so Sister Ricks could leave to Glasgow. Lots of things made all the plans back up and 25 new missionaries came in this transfer so it was a bit busy. But we got to climb Pratt's hill again and got time up there looking over Edinburgh, to rededicate myself to the work. Love that peaceful time! We got home about 8:45 pm. Long day. The rest of the week has been finding and having Sister Powell meet the people we are working with. A few less actives we have been working with came to church. They looked so happy and enjoyed it. They want to return to the temple, so they are working their way there. I love them. We have a few people we met last week that we hope to see again this week. One kind of funny story. Sister Powell stopped a man while we were waiting for a bus. He started talking to us and I could tell he was pretty drunk but she didn't. He ended up getting on the same bus as us and sitting by us. He tried talking to me but I just gave short answers because he really didn't know what we were talking about but Sister Powell was talking up a storm with him. He ended up telling us about his whole life and it was getting awkward. When we got of the bus, he got off with us. We gave him a pamphlet card. He got teary eyed and kissed our hands and stumbled away. I asked Sister Powell if she knew he was drunk. She didn't have a clue. She felt embarrassed because she can tell now. hahahhahah It was funny. Probably had to be there. But who knows he could get in contact with missionaries and really be ready but for now not sure he knew what we were talking about. I got to talk in church yesterday and I don't get too nervous anymore. God really is blessing me. I love being a missionary. Hope your week is well!!!!!!!!
Sister Nicoll