Monday, August 13, 2012

Sent 8/13/2012 Hello Everyone!!!!!

Hi Fam and friends,
First I would like to address two big events happening back home this week!

14th of August: Kaeli-ann's 2 year mark of being baptized!!!! What a wonderful example she is to me and now being out on the mission her conversion is an even greater example and has more meaning to me and for Chris sharing the gospel with her. I LOVE YOU KAELI!!!

17th of August: HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY CHRIS AND KEALI!!! You both are wonderul and wonderful for each other!

Okay now lets talk about me :) Can't believe another week has come and gone. It feels like yesterday I was at the Cliffs of Mohor. But much has happened this week. Tuesday I was sick. I was well enough to go to district meeting in the morning and I attempted to go to one of our appointments but my stomach was really upset. So thankfully our appiontment fell through and we were able to go back to the flat. We called the others and we cancelled the other appiontment. I slept for 2 hours. I never throw up though even though I felt like it all day. But I had a good night rest and felt great for Wednesday. God sure blesses me out here :) The rest of the week was filled with lessons and finding, of course. The best days this week were for sure Saturday and Sunday. I will give you the highlights. Saturday we visited with my most favorite people. First with Sister Smirnov. And then with Claire. Claire is AWESOME! We were worried because she was not keeping or making any commitments. So on Saturday we agreed that if she did not agree with coming to church we would have to stop meeting with her til she was ready to progress. So we asked her and she said that she was planning on going with her little boy Ethan, he is 5. We were so caught of gaurd and so happy we just kind of stared and then started laughing with joy. She did also. Of course we told her how wonderful that is and what a blessing it is to go to church. We then asked about a date for baptism and she agree to prepare for the 29th of September. So stinkin' great!!!! Amazing lesson. Last time we met with her she found out that I don't really cook so this time she asked us to stay for lunch and she had me help her prepare it. She seriously is fantastic. She leaves for Spain tomorrow but we have faith in her and God that she will continue to pray and read and prepare for baptism. She has told us how she has felt the influence of the Holy Ghost in her life as she has studied out the gospel. Later that day we met with the Senior missionary couple and had dinner with them. Then ended the night visiting Emilie Petersen, who leaves back to Utah next week. We will miss her. She returned home from her mission last her and came here to nanny. She is fantastic! So Saturday was full of miracles and great people. THen you can guess what made Sunday so great.... Claire and Ethan came to chruch! She said it was nothing like the other churches but she liked it and is planning to come back after her vacation. And Ethan even like it because he got a biscut (cookie). Yep so that about covers what has been happenig here with me in Limerick, Ireland. Oh one last funny story. The other day as Sister Jedlickova and I were walking to a less actives home some kids stopped us and were asking some questions about what we do. So Sister Jed was wearing a full length dress and a little tight fitting, so one kid asked her if she was pregnant. Oh my goodness it was funny. At least I thought so because he was dead serious. She laughed along too. Well that is about it. Hope everyones week was great. Loved the emails and letters this week again.
Much love,
Sister Ashlee Nicoll    

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