Monday, August 26, 2013

After the trial.....‏

Hi-Ya Family and Friends,
Back to Ether 12:6!!! So the trial was the beginning of the week. We had monday and tuesday planned out beautifully and we were so excited about it. Then as P-day was ending we got calls and texts from the people that they would not be able to meet at those times. What was are back-up plans you may ask? Chapping. Chapping. Chapping. After recieving the news, I may or may not have sprawled on the floor and told Sister Powell that we will no longer be doing missionary work or at least for a couple days. But I got myself together and we went out. Well the first 10 door, no one was interested. Next 30 doors, same story. So we went to the bus stop to go home and the bus didn't come for another 20 minutes. So after a little bit of rest and complaining, Sister Powell crossed the street to talk to someone who was not interested and I followed and then we decided to just chap the doors right in front of us. Lo and Behold the first door we chapped the girl living there knew members and said we could come back and teach her a little more next week. And guess what.... the moment would not have been so great, if the other 50 people didn't reject us. God really knows what He is doing when He gives us things that stretch us. The next day was going to be a lot of finding as well but as we were walking Dee pulled up and offered us a lift and told us that we could come by and help her and Kirsty with some service. We were delighted! The rest of the week was fab! Nicky and Alisha were able to go to the Sherman's(a family in the branch) las night and it was so much fun! Nicky and Alisha are my absolute favourites (mostly said that because sometimes they read my blog :) But seriously we love them to bits. So does everyone else that meets them.
This morning I decided to read my call letter during study. Two lines stuck out to me and it is a shame that I forgot to write it down to email them. But they said something along the lines of if I put my whole self into the work and strive to serve God as best as I can He will bring people that I can help and are prepared to receive and follow the gospel! It also said I would be blessed to have greater knowlege and testimony of the Restored gospel. 14 months later I have seen these promises come true and I am so very very grateful for that! I love Christ and His gospel! A true blessing for all! HOpe you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Nicoll
A beautiful walk while chapping in Westquarter!

Our friend Nicky likes to make dreams come true! She is a superstar!

Monday, August 19, 2013

"Humility is not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less"‏

Dearest Familia and Amigos,
So I don't have much to say on the title of this email. I just heard that in church yesterday and thought it was great and can apply to everyone. But I feel I still have a lot to learn and appy about humility but I also feel I have already learned alot about it being on my mission. I have such a great love for all the people I meet with and see here in Falkirk. Our weeks are always filled with people we look forward to seeing. And yes there are also some crazies. Like this week. Last week when we were emailing, a man started talking to Sister Powell and said he would like to learn more and for us to come by and visit. He seemed a bit creepy, so of course we gave his info to the elders to go by and see. But we have a less active we see that lives on his same street and when we passed his house we hear a man yell "SISTER POWELL!!!!!!" She looked over and saw a him waving with no shirt on. She just took off running yelling "GROSS!"(not loud enough for him to hear). It was so funny. We started to slow down and I pretend I saw him behind us and told her that he was chasing us and I started to run. She looked so scared and started running as fast as she could. Oh my goodness!!! I was laughing pretty hard. I was sad because we were not able to see Alisha. She is 15 and she is Nicky's partner's daughter. She was gone when we visited Nicky this week. We hope to see her this week because she is really cool and makes us laugh.
Some of our friends have been gone this past week but we get to see them in the next couple of days. I am very excited! Especially Dee and Lesley. We have good lessons and chats with them. They are really searching for truth. I love hearing their experiences with praying and reading.
Well that about sums this week up. HOpe you all have a smashing week!
Sister Nicoll
Sister Powell and i on our lovely bike ride last week

The beautiful scenery of our bike ride! Be jealous!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,
          Probably going to be a shorter email this week. But it has been great nonetheless. As for the title of this email.... many of our investigators and others are going or are already on holiday. It is hard because keeping contact with them is important but hey God will take care of it. There are so many great people in Falkirk. I really am enjoying this area. We haven't seen many immediate success but that is okay because I feel at the end of the day we have done our best. We had such wonderful experiences this week. Many great dinner appointments with our friends and branch members. I love the gospel and teachings of Christ. I am glad that there are people that enjoy listening and talking about it as well and it is my calling to do so. I have learned so much goodness from it.
          I realized why I get frustrated sometimes. It is because I can't understand why people dont want the happiness that many of us have! WHY? I know it can bring happiness to their lives. And sometimes I feel they know it too but they just reject it. It is a hard change. I do remind myself that I was born learning and living these things. Most people have not and it is a drastic change. A change worth doing but I am sure it is hard. So bottom line is that I am grateful for being born into the church and learning young the truth of the gospel brings everlasting happiness.
          Well that is about all folks. Sister Powell and I will be going to borrow some members bikes and will be enjoying the scenery of Scotland.

Sister Nicoll

Beautiful Scotland

Monday, August 5, 2013

A week of pure blessings!!!!!

Hello again Family and Friends,
I sure did love this past week and I pray hard it will just keep getting better and better!!!! We were able to be blessed with 3 new investigators that are so solid! Well in the fact that they are willing to learn  And with those that we are teaching we were able to have more members come out with us to teach them! Seriously members make the difference at lessons. Yes I would like to briefly encourage you all to do something.... Call the missionaries in your area and see if there is anyone and anytime that you could have an investigator come to your home and feel the spirit of a Christ Centred home. If you do not have a Christ centered home than make it one and just go out with the missionaries for now  ANYWAYS! A member in the branch has a good friend that we are able to teach right now. Her name is Elaine and she is wonderful! We gave her Moroni 10 to read on tuesday and when we saw her yesterday she said she read the chapter every night. We forgot to tell her she could move on to the beginning hahaha. She is so neat and very spiritual. I have never had such spiritually filled lessons as often as we do with them. I seriously love having the Spirit. It can be addictive and I love it! Keeps me doing the right things! Then this week we got in touch with a friend of ours that we hadn't seen in awhile and she invited her son in to listen as well. He likes the Book of Mormon musical and was interested to learn. Sister Powell bore a very powerful testimony of the first vision and got them thinking and wanting to learn more. They invited us over for dinner tomorrow. I love when friends invite us for dinner. Doesn't make me feel like a crazy sister missionary as much. We are also seeing and having dinner with Nicky tonight! And this week Nicky is going to come to a member's house with us on friday. Because remember having members involved is so important ;) Okay so the rest of the week was great too. The elders in the branch had a baptism this weekend. His name is Alan and he has been investigating for the past 5 YEARS and recently had a change of heart and found the truth. He is a ball of fun hahah. Yesterday he played the piano and sang a song for his testimony. It seems odd but if you knew Alan it was great! Well that covers my blessed week! I hope you all have had a great one as well!!!
Sister Nicoll

ps. Sister Powell and I will be staying together another transfer. We are excited and feel it will be a really good transfer if we keep playing hard and working harder!

Friday, August 2, 2013


HI-YA Family and Friends,
I would just like to say that I can not believe that another week has already gone by! Sometimes I really don't like how time is flying by. I mean August starts this week. But the weather here doesn't feel anything like summer. Looks like a pretty strong chance of rain. But the rain really doesn't bother us yet. It has been too cold yet. Praying for a mild winter, at least til mid-december :) Speaking of weather... there was a couple thunder storms. I have not seen or heard one for a good year. Oh how I loved it!
As for the rest of the week! It has been wonderful! We were able to see some people but some where on holiday or else had to cancel but there was a big boost to our week. That is the All Scotland Conference this past Thursday! Of course it was good seeing Sister Ricks and Sister Harris but the big boost was the talks from Elder and Sister Teixeira (area 70) and President and Sister Brown. They talked about how the mission needs to change and be more diligent. It was much of tough love, which was very motivating and wonderful. They touched on finishing missions strong. Hit me pretty hard. I really only have 3 transfers left. I have had the last year to learn and work and learn some more. Now I need to put it into full practice. Not saying I haven't been working, just I need to stretch a little more and do my absolute best! I am excited for it! We have already seen the blessings and we hope to see more.
I could share details of all that I am doing but I would rather share my testimony. I love all the people I am serving here. Being a servant of the Lord is no doubt the greatest decision of my life. I have grown to love my family with an eternal love. Especially my immediate family. But it goes beyond that. There are so many people on this earth and many that have pasted on, that I love so very dearly and am so grateful to know that we are brothers and sisters, with the most perfect Father and Elder brother. This life is not be endured alone. It is to be enjoyed with the help of family and friends but most importantly by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are watching and encouraging us at every moment. I have realized there will always be something that is challenging us to grow and learn. But when we constantly pray to Heavenly Father it is less likely to break us. I honestly just love the blessings of the Lord and hope to help others obtain those blessings. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.
Sister Nicoll