Monday, December 3, 2012

Good week... once again!!!‏

Hello Family and friends,

Alot of this week has blurred together but looking back I can see that a lot of good things have happened. We are still making our way around Dublin just dandy! Luckily the new investigators feel more comfortable meeting at a nearby park or at the church. That is a blessing rather then taking the chance of getting lost. We did get lost twice this week but found our way back rather quickly. Thankfully Sister Garlock doesn't get upset and we can laugh it off (in frustration) while it is happening. I will just tell you two miracle stories:
Miracle one: Romania man. One night we were on our way home and we realized that we had about 30 mins before we had to be back in our flat. So we focused on getting a lesson on the street. So we turned around and stopped the first man on the street. We did our little one liner about Christ and he said he just came back from church and started walking away. We don't let them off that easy. So we asked him how church was and sucked him in. We talked about prophets and he said it makes sense for us to have one now since God did have one throughout time. He didn't seem totally convinced but we had a really good conversation. He is leaving back to Romania this week but we hope to get him a Romanian Book of Mormon before he leaves and we are committing him to meet with missionaries there :) Okay funny story with this man. His accent was thick but we could for the most part understand him. At one point we were talking about how thankful we were for the sacrifice the Savior made for us and we are now able to repent of our sins. Then the conversation went something like this:
Romanian: "We all have sins"
Sis. G: " Yeah we all do have sayings, What is yours?"
Romanian:laughing a bit" I don't think I can really say"
Sis. G: "Is it because it is in romanian?"
At this point I knew they didn't understand each other but it was a bit funny to listen too and wanted to see how it would end but I decided to spare my companion and told her that he had said sin and not saying. We all started laughing and it broke the ice really well. If you are not laughing at this story it is because you had to be there. It was definitely a highlight of my week.
Miracle two: Yesterday we met two young men that requested to learn from missionaries more about the church because one is going to be an english teacher and the other is just interested in others beliefs. Well we told them to meet us at the church around 3:30 because we would be there for church. Well we reallized that we can't be alone with them and no woman was around. We called a few people and they couldn't come (biggest bummer of not so many members and boundries being huge). We called Babs and she was was not around at the moment. So we prayed to God asking for help and let Him know that we are trying our hardest and we strongly desired to make it work. Right when we said amen Babs called and said she can catch a bus and be over in 30 mins. She arrived 5 mins before they arrived. No coincidence. Pure miracle and the lesson went great and will be meeting them again this week. Love lessons and days like that. 
Well that is about it! Over all good week. I love you all and hope that your holiday season is fully of fun and that each day you will be able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ!
Love Sister Nicoll

I dyed sister Garlocks hair today.
 Sister Garlock loves cleaning and I love taking pictures of myself so it really works out :)
s. I did help clean
Final product. Looks soooooooo good on her! 

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