Monday, March 11, 2013

So different!!!!!!!!‏

Hi-ya family and friends,

I am sure you already know what the title means... but Motrose is oh so different from Dublin. I miss Dublin alot but it is mostly the people I miss. I know I will love those in Montrose but it is going through the whole motion and small talk to become friends with them that takes the longest to get through. But I am already loving the people here and they sure treat the missionaries so well.
Really only have two things to report... and they were both yesterday. Elder Kerr who part of some 70 group in the church came to Montrose and talked for mother's day because she is part of the ward. It was neat hearing him and his strong testimony. He will also be at the scotland mission conference next week. Then yesterday in the morning for companionship study we decided to do a role play on prayer since someone mentioned how the church of scotland does not really teach how to pray. We decided that is what we would talk to people about today. Well last night we stopped a young man and told him about the importance of prayer. And he said he would like to believe that because he struggles with a drug addiction. His partner is due with their baby in 4 weeks and he wants to be well for the baby and his partner. He said that his partner has been having a hard time to and that she would probably need something like this in her life as well. We hope to meet with them next week and do the addiction program. I know the Lord is in this work. If we don't see him again I know that God is aware of him and his family and that we planted a seed of hope in him. I am grateful to be apart of this work and will continue to do my best. I love you and hope that your week is grand.
Sister Nicoll

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