Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,
This week has been better then the last week! We are both feeling better and ready to work! Tuesday was all Scotland Conference for the missionaries! Oh my goodenss it was FANTASTIC! The spirit was there and helped me realize what would be good to do for the Montrose area and just for myself to be a better missionary. We will put them to the test and see how it goes. The biggest topic was involving the members and earning their trust and encouraging them to help. So all you who are member missionaries.... get involved all that you can. It makes all the difference in the work. If you don't know how to help... ask the missionaries  If you don't want to help.... pray and reflect on the blessings the gospel has given you and hopefully your attitude will change. Okay that is enough of that. One of the greatest parts of the conference was..... SEEING SISTER HARRIS! Oh my I missed her and we had such little time to talk but it was so much fun to talk and laugh ALOT with her again. I love some of those perks in the work. Right after the conference we had exchanges. I was with Sister Kline (she has been out all of 3 weeks) and we served in Montrose. Did we get lost at all during the 3 days? Every single place we went to we somehow got lost hahaha. It was horrible but luckily she was relaxed and just laughed it off with me. But we think that sister tylka may be leaving next transfer to a new area. So next transfer will be ridiculously crazy! But one story about the spirit with getting lost since my subject line is about the spirit. We were lost for the 3rd time or so and we hadn't thought to pray yet. So at this time the spirit gently reminded us that we should pray. And after we did I realized where we were and was able to find our way. Not a conicidence. Heavenly Father was reminding us that He is always there to help us and he literally knows the way. But it was a great exchange and Sister Kline had seen my blog before so we had lots to talk about. It is nice serving with a greenie. They have so much faith and enthusiasm. I am excited to train. Two other stories about following promptings. One was at church yesterday. After church I was helping putting away hymn books and a lady from the stake pulled me aside and just gave me a big, as she calls it, mama hug. I had never met her before but she just told me how she loved me and was proud of me and just thought to talk with me and give me a big hug. Now before this I was not feeling down or anything but having her follow that prompting really touched me and really lifted my spirit more then it was before. Always follow promptings to do something good for others. God wants to work through us to help his other children. Then yesterday was we were walking to an appointment I had a feeling to talk to a lady that we pasted by. As we did we learned she doesnt have a belief in God because of things that have happened in her past. We also learned she has been to the church in Hawaii so she knows a little about our beliefs. We walked with her and talked and then had a prayer with her. After the prayer she got emotional and we knew the spirit was able to testify to her. I LOVE THOSE MOMENTS! All the hard days and moments are worth it for moments like that. We are hoping to go by this week. Well that about sums up the week. One interesting story, is about the service we do for people. One lady we see weekly is very blunt and spunky. To say the least I love her alot. She likes to teach us about being dignified women. So she teaches us how to clean and iron her clothes. She has had an infection in her eye and so this week she had me wipe her eyes with this medical clothe thing. One of the oddest services I have had to do because she is more then capable to do it herself but we had a good laugh about it together. Well that is it! I love you all and hope your week is GRAND!!!
Sister Tylka & Nicoll tracting in snow

Sister Kline & Nicoll

Sister Ryan & Nicoll
Sister Nicoll

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