Monday, March 4, 2013


Hello Family and Friends,

So I am safely in Montrose, Scotland. It was a long day of travel on Wednesday but lots of fun! AND Sister Harris surprised me at one of our bus stops in Scotland. OH MY GOODNESS it made me so happy to see her. I miss her like crazy but we will get to see each other at an all Scotland conference. :) Sister Millward,. Sister Rindlisbacher (no idea how to spell her name), Sister Tylka and I were all in Montrose on thursday and we had fun all serving together. Wednesday evening they had a baptism. Her name is Danni Gardens. She is a sweetheart. I was able to meet her on Saturday and Sunday I was able to hear her confirmation. The people of Scotland are not too interested in the True church. They enjoy the Church of Scotland. I am pleased though that many have a belief in Christ and we have had many great conversations of how God has bless their life. I love hearing others testimonies. The ward here is brillant. We met with the ward mission leader and his wife and they want to do things to get the members more involved with bringing back their friends and less actives out to church and activities. I am excited for it because we all know that is the most effective way of spreading the good news around. 
I have driven the car..... and I am blessed that the Zone Leaders currently have the stick shift. But I am still terrified to drive. There are very narrow roads and my perception of space and all is thrown off because of being on the other side and I have never dealt with sooooooooo many round abouts. But it is fun :)
Well that about covers it. I am enjoying myself and adjusting to a new aspect of the work here in Montrose. I love you all and hope you all continue to do all that you can to draw yourself closer to your Heavenly Father and our elder brother, Jesus Christ.
Lots of Love,
Sister Nicoll

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