Monday, May 13, 2013

A week of traveling! Loved it!!!‏

Hello Family and Friends,
It was sooooooo nice to talk to all of my family and friends yesterday! It is so nice to feel the love coming to me from Arizona. But weirdly enough I realized how much my heart is becoming attached to Ireland and Scotland. And I know it is because my testimony has grown the most here and it was been the most life changing and most wonderful experience. I am still by no means the greatest missionary but I do my best and learn from the mistakes that are made and through this grow closer to my Saviour and help others do the same. Being a missionary no doubt has the greatest benefits.
Okay so as for this week... We were able to go to Edinburgh and Glasgow. I already told you about Edinburgh (mom it is pronounced ed-in-burr-a) last Tuesday. On Wednesday we got to go to Glasgow for training since Sister Ricks is new. It is called Smart Start and the Zone Leaders in Glasgow did the training for us and two other sets of sister missionaries. We mostly just role played for 3 hours but it was very helpful and that day was able to apply what we learned. Wednesday afternoon we met with a man who is atheist humanist. During Smart start we talked a lot about applying How to Begin Teaching and when we met with this man it was perfect to apply. He had lots of deeper doctrine questions. We knew we shouldn't and couldn't answer them so we started with just telling him that our purpose is to help him know that he has a loving Heavenly Father and testified how we knew about God. And told him that many questions he has can be answered in the Book of Mormon and Bible and from latter-day prophets. We were a bit flustered at the beginning with him but once we started testifying of our purpose and inviting him to know for himself, I could really feel the spirit in the lesson. It was wonderful. My testimony grew about sharing our testimony. I love it. We met again with William. Now William is an older gentleman and forgets to do the commitments that we extend to him. So this week we listened to the Book of Mormon with him and it went well. But we know he hasn't been praying. So this time we invited him to pray (we did in the past but he refused) This time we were more persistent  He ended up saying the prayer and it was simple and wonderful. After he said he felt he was really talking to God. Precious and spiritual moment. See why I love Scotland? 
Well that about covers it all. I challenge you all to pray and act on your prayer of having missionary moments. It is the best feeling. I love you all so very much and I am very very excited to see you all in 7 months!
Lots of Love, 
Sister Ashlee Nicoll

A view from Linlithgow palace
Sister Ricks and I on the very top of the Palace
Sister Ricks and I after a very rainy day
Us and Elders from my last distric

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  1. Hello, this is random but worth a try! My name is Lauren and I googled and found your daughters blog. I just moved to Ireland and am trying to get in contact with the local missionaries. Do you have a contact email or phone number for the mission home? If you do please send it to! It would be SO appreciated! Lauren