Monday, May 20, 2013

Do you know what I love?

HI-ya Family and Friends,
So as many of you know Sister Ricks and I will be staying together for at least 6 weeks. I am excited! She is a great missionary and we get along well and that is always a huge plus :)
In answer to the subject line... The example and teachings of Christ. I love how the organization of His church is perfect. The people within the church however are not (still love them too) but the organization of it is. I absolutely just love it. I realized that as we have been working with people in the Falkirk branch and how they are willing to help and fulfill their callings. Callings are definitely called of God to continue His work.
I read a quote by Elder Bednar this week that goes something like this: "People's conversion is not up to you. You are called to open your mouth. Conversion is up to the people hearing and the spirit." An encouraging and kind of a relief giving quote.
We got a call from William saying he has been feeling really ill and just isn't feeling up to meeting anymore. We will keep in touch with him but it is sad to hear. But we know God is aware of his needs and will help him and we did all we could.
There are a few other people that we are meeting and teaching but no one right now that has a date for baptism. We will be inviting some of the people this week. I am excited but if they don't accept we will still pray for them and work with them. This gospel is not made for just some people, it is made to make everyone's life more meaningful and joyful. But some don't see that right away. But we will keep on keeping on.
One last neat story. A few weeks ago and lady came up to us at a train station and said she has lived in Scotland for 6 years and has not been to church. She was baptized back in the philippines  She has a young boy and we invited ourselves over( as missionaries do). We have meet with her a few times and yesterday the Relief Society president took us and her and her boy to stake conference. She really enjoyed and her boy said he wants to go next week. God puts people in our paths and I love it. Hope you all had a wonderful week as well. I am off to go see some beautiful sites in SCOTLAND!!! 
Sister Nicoll 

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