Monday, May 27, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,
Of course it was another good week. Not everything was perfect but all in all it is always a good week. Or we can always find some things good about it. Last Monday we went and saw the famous Falkirk Wheel (famous in Falkirk at least). I didn't read up on the history of it but you can ride a boat in the wheel. Somehow it connects two canals. But of course we cant ride in boats..... so we watch the wheel turn hahah. Still neat to see. Today we are going to see a mansion of some kind. It is called the Callendar House.
As for the work... One neat story. At night we plan on who the Lord has prepared for us to meet. This past week Sister Ricks had a good feeling about finding a young mom as we were walking to an appointment. Well Lo and Behold a young lady with her boy were walking. We talked to her about forever families and got her info to teach her more. She has not been home when we went by, so we chapped 5 aside. Her next door neighbor was leaving and told us to come by next week. So we have two people that we may teach. But it is always nice to know when we are doing what the Lord asks and we are in the area we are suppose to be in. Which leads to the title of this email. As we were leaving a ladys door step (she was not interested ) She yelled to her friend who was standing by the car and asked him why he was not coming up. He replied "You were talking to the God Squad". We had a good laugh with them about it. Sister Ricks and I want to make shirts with that on it. Mostly because we like being recognized as people of God. One lady we are working with is searching out if there is a God and wants to believe. She said if she comes to find out that this is true then she will be baptized and committed to June. That is very exciting and will do our best to help her do the things she needs to sincerely to know. We love her so much already.
In study this morning I was reading 3 Nephi 11. In verse 15 it tells about how Christ made time for all the people to feel the prints in His hands and feet. We all know that he was there for a while to allow everyone to do it. But then I got to thinking how Christ still uses His time to only focus on us. Everything He does is for us and is caring for us at every moment. Same with Heavenly Father. It made me think about what do I focus most my thoughts and time on. It changes things when I know they are spending all their time on me and it makes me strive to do things more for them. That is all my thoughts on this week. I hope you all have a grand week.
Sister Nicoll
Falkirk Wheel

Us in front of Falkirk Wheel

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