Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ashlee's First email Tuesday July 3rd 2012

Hey Dad and Mum,

Just a heads up I only have a half an hour to send an email. So I will not be correcting any grammer or spelling errors, so there will most likely be lots of mistakes :)

I can't believe it has almost been a week since I have left for my mission. It feels more like a month. A very good month. But everyone was right. The days feel long leading up to the first sunday but after that they go a little faster. But still we have lots to do, so i stay busy and productive. England is so brilliant. They say brilliant here instead of awesome. I am on the border of Preston and Chorley. It has rained at least a little each day while being here and it is gorgeous. The view from our room is unbelieveable. So much green and cute little english homes. I share a room with 3 other sisters. 2 of which are still learning Enlish. Sister Bendtsen is from Denmark and knows English pretty well. Sister Shchur is from russia and she knows very little english but she is working hard at it. It is awesome because when Elder Lou (chinese elder learning english) and Sister Shchur bore their testimonies on sunday in their broken english I felt the spirit the strongest. They communicated by the Holy Ghost and I could just feel it. My companion is Sister Crookston. She is a sweet girl. It is real hard getting use to this being-with-one person for 24/7 thing but it is getting better. I really like her. So I will tell you what I have been up to. The first day I got here was around 11 and President and Sister Walker and the other leader greeted me and helped out alot. The leadership here is amazing. They are the sweetest people. I know I had some classes that day too but the first two days I don't remember too well because of jet lag. I was out of it. But I know we had classes because we have them everyday. I love the classes though. All the teachers here are recent return missionaries from either England or Scotland/ireland, so they really know how to help us. I have learned so much. I have study journal and am constantly writing in it. Most of our classes it about how we can teach by the spirit and be taught by the spirit. Our teachers play investigators for us and we make up appiontments with them and everything. They do it as real as they can. They asked us to treat it like a real situation and many cool experiences has happened from it. The mtc here has only 10 sisters and 42 elders. So it is an awesome experience. Then sunday we had sacrament here and went on a church tour in england. You can imagine how stinkin' wonderful that was. We saw were President Hinkley stayed on his mission and since his daughter is the MTC president's wife she told us about it. Such a great experience. Yesterday was classes and investigators. Today we went to the temple and it was great. Not as pretty as Mesa's but still great. Remind me to tell you what advice the president gave us about going. I am about out of time. I love you guys so much and miss you a lot but being here on the mission is the right thing and I am so glad I chose to follow the promptings of the spirit and come.

Thank you to everyone who wrote an email. I loved it a lot. Hearing from everyone gives me a boost! :)

Love Sister Nicoll

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