Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week Two, BABY!!!

Another week has gone by! Craziness! It has been a great week. All the events blend together, so sorry if it is all jumbled up or if I have already mentioned things before. It has still rained a little bit each day and stays over cast most of the day. I love it! So much better then sunny and 110 degrees. During exercise time I play sports. I am so happy I have a pretty laid back companion that likes trying out sports. I have played basketball and football(soccer). It is way fun and great weather to play it in. So the biggest thing that happened this week was street contacting yesterday. It went pretty well. The whole MTC (only 52 of us, not 500 like provo) went to Manchester to street contact. Me and my companion worked well together. I was fine at going up to people and starting a conversation about themselves or get any coversation going and then my companion would segway the conversation to the gospel. We would both bare testimony of something and leave them with a pass along card and gave one man the Book of Mormon. We did well for our first time. Talked to a group of 6 friends on the bus there that were headed home from partying all night in liverpool. So with them we just talked about England. Not much about the gospel. They asked thing about our mission and why we were doing it but they didn't care much to here about our beliefs. Which was fine because we learned about England and their lingo. In Manchester we talked to about 5 or 6 people. Some people we talked to for about 15-20 minutes. There are very interesting people in the world. Talked to a man who said we don't have the authority to preach because we have not been born again. Which we never understood what his definition was of born again but we for sure were not born again. Another man has seen the resurrected Lord (which he may have, not judging too much) and He told this man about the millenium and the second coming. Funny people. I noticed the more people tore us down and told us we were wrong the more I knew it was true. We have the FULNESS of the gospel. It was still hard listening to them but I felt love for them and can't wait for them to know the truth. Hard but good experience. We are going again friday. Very nervous. Another cool event was singing in the ward that is near our MTC. It was powerful singing with all the Elders and sisters there. We sounded awesome!!! Not bragging or anything but golly it was good. Most other days we had class, class, lunch, class, dinner, class and bed. Long but good days of learning. Can't believe I leave to the field one week from tomorrow. Next week I will only have 5 minutes to email because it will be transfer. So it will be a short email. Thank you for all the emails and letters. I love getting emails. And we are able to print them off here and read them so it doesn't count as the 30 minutes of emailing. So I can read them all but not sure how it works in the field. I will let you know. But I loved hearing from all and sounds like this week has been a great one for the family. Glad to hear from Grandma and Patti and to know you all are doing well also. Hope Aunt Ginny continues to recover well. Love and miss you!
Love, Sister Nicoll
p.s. sorry about the grammer and spelling again. I should really work on it :)

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