Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello From Ireland! September 10, 2012

Dear Fam and Friends,
hello everyone who knows sister Nicoll. I would just have you know that she is a really really great missionary and is doing great things out here and is quite possibly the funniest person that i have ever met. So thanks for letting me have her for a while :) well can't wait to meet you ;) love always sister harris 

Sisters Nicoll, Harris & Peterson
Sister Harris is one of the funniest people! She really wanted to write something! So as you can tell I am having a good time with my companions! These past two weeks have gone a bit faster then before. I will just briefly tell you what has been happening here in my life in Dublin. I am getting to know more people and loving them. A woman named Babs in the ward, not sure if I have mentioned her before but she is great. Last night I was talking to her and tell her that we badly need to go shopping because I will be eating rice cakes for breakfast. This morning she texted us and said "man can not live on rice cakes alone, so I will be bringing you all breakfast". She brought us a feast. She brought a loaf of bread, eggs, sausage, bacon, and loads of candy (she works at Candbury). She took us out to eat last week to a very nice restraunt. She really takes good care of the missionaries here. Another cool thing about her is that she knows Irish Sign Language. Alot of signs are different then ASL but some are similar so I am having her teach me and compare what we know. There are a few deaf  people in the ward and she told them I know a little sign, so I sign very little with them but it is fun. They understand that I don't do well. 

So I have three things I want to tell about. First, last p-day we went on a hike along the irish sea. It was beautiful. It is somewhere near Bray I think? But our cool investigator Sean took us. I have lots of pictures. It was a nice sunny day and perfect weather. Today is more of a shopping and relaxing p-day. We may go to the church and play sports with the elders. Then this past week we went finding in city centre. We had a station set up about family history and were encouraging people to come to our church to use the computers there for family history. Sister Harris and I had a contest of passing out 5 pamphlets first. It made it alot better. Last thing to say is yesterday I gave a talk in the ward. It went well. I talked on covenants and them blessings that come from keeping them. But the best part is, that after sacrament an older couple came up to me and said that they are from Mesa, Arizona also. Had I nice chat with them. It was a sweet blessing to just meet people from your home town. They are here for a couple days and then going on a nice cruise. But over all this week has been a great one. The work is moving slowly but moving nonetheless. You all are the best!!!! I love you all and thank you for everything. This week I got a package from patti, grandma and grandpa Nicoll and then from Cody also. All full of sweet surprises. Being on a mission you begin to appreciate the same things and absolutely love the big things. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus and I know that they are mindful of us and want the best for us all! Hope all is well this coming week.

Sister Nicoll

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