Monday, September 3, 2012


Mon 9/3/12 4:17 AM

Hello Fam and Friends,

So I am now in Dublin, Ireland. It is a whole lot busier then Limerick. So many people. I live once again in the City Centre because we do not have a car and travel by bus to most everywhere. It is nice though because basically everything we need is within walking distance. It is beautiful here. I have noticed that most the parks in Ireland are so pretty. Probably because it is green everywhere here! But I just love when we meet with investigators in the park. Anyway... I love my new companions. I am pretty sure I was sent here to get help from them. They seriously are such a help to me. I am now with Sister Peterson and Sister Harris. Sister Peterson is the senior companion and does an amazing job at helping me and Sister Harris. She leads by example and it helps so much. But pretty sure she gets annoyed with us two because we laugh a whole lot. Sister Harris is super funny. She is still having a tough time because she had a hard time with her previous companion. But we keep praying that she will get through this hard time because I can honestly see that she will be an amazing missionary. She loves to go out and talk to people even though she is struggling. So both of my new companions are great examples. It is different working with them but so far it has worked out a bit better for me.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming with three Sisters to go visit people but there was a trio here and one just finished her mission so most people are use to it. But it makes it harder to know when to speak up in lessons but we have done pretty well with that. The Dublin ward seems good. I still miss Limerick but there seems like there are some pretty solid cool people. There is one man named Kalvin Troy and he likes basketball a lot and he even has played against Larry Bird. So it is fun talking to him. Then there is a lady named Babs and she is just a nut. She is hilarious. She works at Cadbury so we get free chocolate and candy often :) They seem to snatch up the missionaries really quick in the wards. I have been asked to talk in church next week already. I don't think they understand my fear of talking or maybe they do so that is why they ask. BUt all will be well. 
Wednesday is when I arrived in Dublin. Got to my new flat around 11 and Sister Jedlickova stayed with us til 5:30pm when her new companion arrived. It was p-day so we got together with about 6 Elders from this area and went to a free museum and it was neat. Not a huge fan of museums. But it was a fun day getting to know all the new missionaries I will be serving with for the next 6 weeks. Wish there was more to write about but can't think of much else. It has been a great week and I am excited to see what this transfer holds in store. I am warming up to speaking more, although we haven't had too much finding time this week. They have been working with a young man named Sean. He is soooooo cool., He is an Irish man and he is actually taking us on a hike today to see the beautiful sites of Ireland. I am super excited. Don't worry mom I will take lots of pictures. :) Love you all so much. Thank you all for the support it means alot to me. 
Glad to hear that Josh and Cody made it home safely. Love hearing from them!

Sister Nicoll

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