Monday, September 24, 2012

Interesting week!

So this week has been interesting but good nonetheless. For the most part all three of us were sick at one point. Sister Harris and Sister Peterson have been fighting a cold all week. Sister Harris had a bad fever the other night but slowly she is coming back alright. It is so frustrating being sick on the mission because you want to get out and do the work but you just cant. But we were able to work around it and teach some people. I have been waking up with stomach pains and through out the day they come on strong. But it is now getting much better. :) So there are a few highlights I will give you from this week. Sean is amazing!!! He got back from his biking trip around Ireland on thursday and he asked us when we can meet again. He is very prepared for his baptism this saturday. This weekend was stake conference and we were going to meet him yesterday morning but sister harris was not well so we called to cancel and he whispered he was in priesthood meeting that started at 7:30 am. We forgot to tell him about it but he found out and went on his own. That is how amazing Sean is!! We are also working with Corinna and her mom is still against her being baptized but she is over 18 and she knows it is right to be baptized. We keep praying to know how best to help her and keep encouraging her. I just love that girl! We have met with this new man named Raj. He is from India and knows very little English. But he did tell us that he did a 40 day fast and during that time he met with Jesus. Which could be very true. Not judging him at all. But that is about as far as we got with him. May meet with him again. This week I attended my first mission wedding. It was very different then I expected. This couple will be baptized this saturday also. Super sweet people. But the cerimony was in the chapel and they started and ended with a prayer and hymn and the special number was a song from a cd. Sister Harris and I couldn't stop laughing during the musical number because it was so odd. But other then that the cake was delicious and there was good support from the ward. Those are the most interesting events from this week. The people here are great. Keep supporting the missionaries in your areas. Support from members helps the work so much. Couldn't get nearly as much great work done without the people in Finglas Ward. I love the Lord and I am grateful to have this opportunity to serve him in the Scotland/Ireland mission. Love you all and hope your week rocks!
Sister Ashlee Nicoll

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