Monday, November 19, 2012

Dublin or ?????‏

Hi-ya Family and Friends,
            Thanksgiving is this week!!! So I would like to start out by saying how thankful I am for ALL of you!!!! Anyone that reads this email in one way or another has helped me. I know that because you are taking the time to read this. So thank you for supporting me and the work of the Lord. I love you all! I am so thankful for such wonderful parents that have raised me in the gospel but not just doing the things like going to church on Sunday but being an example to me everyday of faithful living. I know I would not have the testimony and faith that I do with out my parents and shining example. Same with all my family and friends. I have a strong testimony that we are here to help each other and learning from each other. I am so thankful for the perfect church and gospel and example Christ has set for us. It is not easy but it is through living the gospel that will bring us the most joy. Not immediate joy but eternal, long lasting joy. 
We met with Patrick and Emrick Flanigan (father and son) this week. This is the man who met with the missionaries in the 70's. He said him and his buddies would give the missionaries a hard time but they would take it and have fun with them. He said that had a big impact on him and it gave a good impression of the church to him. They are both every kind and genuinely interested in the church. They seem pretty solid in learning about the gospel. We will be seeing them tonight and will be inviting them to be baptized. Pray all goes well. We also met a brazilian named Augusto on the street this week and he is also interested in learning. So we have a few we are working with and hope and pray we will know what they need to here so that the spirit can testify to them that the gospel can help them in their lives. None of our investigators are showing up to church so that is our next step is working with that. But nothing else to exciting has happened. Weather is getting colder and so I will soon have to learn how to dress for rainy cold occasions. It should be interesting. I sometimes miss the predictable lovely weather of good ol' AZ. But basically a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Ireland and Scotland.
Alright it is now time for the update on moves. Drumroll please................. I am staying here in Dublin. And Sister Peterson...................... is moving. Yep exactly the opposite of what I would prefer. But somehow that is how everything goes out here for me. But without fail I see that the Lord knows best. It is the waiting period of finding out how it is best for me that is SO HARD! haha but to say the least I am quite stressed about this next transfers. There are literally 10-12 buses we take to like 100 different homes and places. We may be just doing a whole lot of studying the map and visiting people around our area for the first week or so. I forgot to mention the sisters name that I will be serving with. Her name is Sister Garlock. She has been out for over a year and I have only heard positive things about her. She trained Sister Hopkin who I love! She was in my MTC group. And she talked highly of her. So that is a plus. One other downer is that both the elders that served in the same ward as us are also leaving. So I will be the only missionary the ward knows come Wednesday. Guess I got a lot to learn here. Lots and lots of prayers will be said :) I know I will be fine but sometimes growing experiences are not fun. But this is the Lord's work and He will help us as long as we do are absolute best. I am ready for it. I love you all and hope this coming week is filled with food and fun!
Love, Sister Nicoll 

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  1. Hi! My name is Marie Lund and my daughter just got her call today to the Scotland/Ireland mission. I was wondering if you are on the missionary moms e-mail list? I was hoping to contact you for ideas about what to buy/send with my daughter for her mission.