Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello again from Ireland!‏

Hello Fam and Friends,
     Once again it has been an overall good week. I can't believe how fast this transfer has gone. Next week I will be telling you the low down on moves. CRAZY! I hope I stay here with Sis. Peterson or else move. I don't feel prepared AT ALL to direct my way around Dublin. But I got do what the Lord asks because that is what I have committed to. 
     Yeah? Anyways I would like to start off with what I think is a hilarious story. There is this little old lady named Phyllis in our ward and she is a TALKER! We visit her once a week and we let her just ramble on sometimes just to see what weird things she will say. This week she was telling us that each time we sleep our spirits leave us and go and get taught by angels. She went on for a couple minutes about it and I told her I don't think that is quite true. She was very adamant about it. I told her God has told us that when our spirits leave our bodies we are DEAD. She chuckled and said "oh dear it doesn't fully leave us, I like to think of it as a spiritual umbilical cord." Yep we have spiritual umbilical cords according to Phyllis Morgan. :) She then told us the times when we jolt awake is because our spirits are not yet good at leaving or entering our bodies very well. I laugh a whole lot when we go and visit her. 
     Another highlight of the week was zone conference this past Friday  Thursday night the Limerick Sisters (Sister Millward and Sister Jedlickova) got to sleep over for it. It was so fun seeing them again. It had only been a week but I missed Sister Millward and it was fun hanging out with her. 
     Zone conference was excellent. They asked us to think about what we wanted to give Christ for Christmas. They then said something I have heard before but stuck with me more. The only thing we can give Christ and God is our will. Everything else we have is given to us by God. Using our agency to do the things the Lord has asked us to do, is all that He really wants from us because he knows it will make us happy and He can then bless us. We have such an loving Father and Brother. So yes it was a good uplifting conference.
     The Saturday we did some tracting. We met a super sweet 17 yr old girl that seems interested but we can't do anything unless she calls us because there has to be parents permission tho teach her. Praying she calls or shows up to ysa that we invited her too. Also found a man who met with the missionaries back in the 70's and is going to meet with us again. We shall see what will happen. That about covers my week! It was good. 
     I also would love to give a big shout out to Jennifer Ann (can't spell maiden name) Bergeson! Her birthday was on the 7th of November and I would just love everyone to know how blessed everyone that knows her is. This world is blessed that she was born 34 or 43 years ago. I love you Jennifer and Happy Birthday! :)

Love, Sister Nicoll

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