Monday, November 5, 2012

Fantastic Week (November 5th 2012)

Hello Fam and Friends,
This week sure flew by quickly! There are definitely some highlights I would like to hit on. I am not sure if I have mentioned this but we are the missionaries over the YSA here in Dublin. It is such a blast and a huge help for the younger investigators that we have had, like Corinna and Sean. On tuesday we had a YSA halloween party that was so much fun and the Phillipeano girls that are in YSA cooked an amazing meal. Before the party we met with Corinna's friend, Chris and she is skeptical about the church but she is open to learn and she loves ysa so we will see how that goes. But she is a very sweet girl and I am excited to continue to met with her. For Halloween night we had to be in an appointment with a member or be in our flat by 6. We spent our evening having a pizza party at Dorrie's, a sweet little old lady in the ward. Then later that night we went and visited a less active, who was very sweet and fun to chat with. Not as exciting as most of your halloween nights but it was good. Which by the way Landon and Lexi were absolutely the cutest things ever!!! Loved all the pictures! Then thursday thru Saturday evening was the exchange here in Dublin! WHAT A BLAST!!! I love Sister Millward! I knew here from the MTC and we got along great! So Sister Peterson and I planned very carefully of who we would visit so that we would not get lost. It is so funny how we do that when clearly God always has His own plans that are always far better. Thursday night plans worked out. Sean picked Sis. Millward and I up from the train station and took us to a nice Irish restaurant and paid. He is a true gent. Then he took us around to see Dublin a bit. Then thursday night we got a call from the Elders saying that the appiontment to paint someones house together friday morning had to be changed to friday night. All the people we had planned for Friday night could not move up to friday morning. So we were at a loss for appiontments. But we decided we would just go contacting on the street. We both don't like it too much but we had to do the work and we felt comfortable about doing that. So friday morning we went into city centre and started handing out cards with on it. We had so much fun doing it. She was loving the fact that she was in Dublin :) It is a pretty good feeling. We ended up having 2 lessons with random people. They didn't want to give us their info but they looked pleased in learning. Many people took our cards and many others acted like we didn't exist haha. But then we met 2 brazilians that were ysa age and they both took a book of mormon and gave us their number. Calling them today. But miracle about that story. I was grabbing book of mormons (or books of mormon, whatever you fancy) and I found a portuguese one and had the thought of putting in my bag along with a portuguese pamphlet. God sure knew why I needed to do that. One of the brazilians wanted an english one and the other a portuguese. Yep God really looks out for us and will use us to help others if we will listen. I am so glad I listened because it sure strengthened my testimony of following what we may think our just our own thoughts when really they are promptings. All good thoughts are from God. We need to act on them Okay sorry about the testimony... :) back to the exchange. That night we went and painted. We matched. During the mtc we bought the same shorts so I told her to bring them and we wore them to the service project. We felt really mature and cool. Saturday we had 3 appointments before we had to the train station. One was at the church and while we were on the bus leaving the church I noticed I forgot my bag and we had to do a 15 min walk back. hahah it was funny but that was the only really set back because we missed our second appointment. But i am not too worried about it because we tried to get ahold of the man and he never answered. But i loved the exchange as you can probably tell! Then to add to the greatness many members came up to us inviting us over for dinner and many others we are visiting. I feel truly blessed to be out here. It is not always easy but weeks like this make it worth it and help me through the harder times. That about covers it. I will send pictures next week. The computer I am on is not working real good. I love you all!
Love, Sister Nicoll

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