Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good week to start out the new year!!!‏

Hey Family and Friends,

     This will probably be one of the shortest emails due to not much to report. The work is still going fine and the mission is grand but for the most part nothing to keep you interested  One highlight is that we were able to meet up with an investigator (who has learned a bit previously) that we have been trying to get a hold of for months. We met with him in city centre and got to know him a bit and answer some of his questions. He said he was going to come to church but unfortunately he didn't show up and haven't heard from him yet but hopes are high :) Talking to more strangers is getting better and this week had a few good lessons with strangers on the street. 
     Funny but neat story from last night... We were going to try and see a less active after our evening appointment. As were leaving the appointment one of the sons was walking with us because he had to go to the store. He is about 15 years old. We told him that he should stop someone and give "mission life" a try. He said first he would want to see us do it. So we stopped the first lady we saw and started talking to her about the gospel. Found out she had heard a bit about the church when she lived in Brazil and agreed to meet with us and learn more. We were able to pray with her right there and she is now a new investigator :) If not for that boy encouraging us to do it, we may have not stopped her and just walked and talked to him. Love little miracles like that. 
     Fast Sunday was wonderful too. I love fasting now. The difference of now and before is that I really take the effort of remembering constantly what I am fasting for and doing my part of making it possible. I love Christ's church and his gospel. Following what it teaches may not bring immediate joy but it surely does bring eternal happiness. I love you all and hope you have another fantastic week.
Love Sister Nicoll

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