Monday, January 21, 2013


Hello Family and Friends,

It was another grand week! One thing I learned is the effectiveness of former investigators. We were able to get in contact with 2 formers and we are now able to work with them and teach them again. I am pretty excited about that. But one other thing I learned is that it is really hard to keep an investigator. People seem genuinely interested in learning more but by the next visit they lose interest. What I have come to believe is that Satan works HARD on these people during that space of time. So working with formers we are able to have a fresh start and try again on keeping them strong. Life is so much harder with Satan doing what he does but when we do overcome his temptations and lies, we come out stronger. I know that each of us are stronger than him when we do the day to day things like pray, scripture study, and just doing our best in everything. Anyways..... I have one miracle story! There is a place called Balbriggan that is a 45 min train ride away and we decided to make Saturday our "Balbriggan day". The Limrick Elders told us about a less active they have been working with just moved there. So we went to his flat and met with him. His wife was there and we found out she is catholic but wants to be baptized  She told us this, with out us even asking her yet. She and  her husband both came to church yesterday and we are going to teach her again tonight. We are working toward the 16th of February! I am way excited and just keep praying we will be sensitive to the spirit to know in all ways how to help her be fully prepared to make that covenant. Same with all others that the Lord has prepared already. Well there is not much else to report. Besides I am in the ward choir. Only as a missionary in Ireland will I do a ward choir. And because my comp wants to do it and we have to be together 24/7. But it is a fun experience! One last thing. This week it has snowed!!! It doesn't stick to the ground but it is fun to walk through it. It is a bit chilly at some times of the day but for the most part it is bearable and nice! Hope ya all have a lovely week!
Love, Sister Nicoll

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