Friday, April 5, 2013


Dearest Family and Friends,                                                                                            4/2/13
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter this past Sunday! It was a lovely one for us. Although Sister Tylka came down with a cold this week end, she felt well enough to go to church and have our dinner appointment. Danni, a recent convert, has not been able to make it to church for various reasons along with another recent convert, Eric. But yesterday they both were there! Along with 2 surprise less actives. But the best was Brian. He is Danni's cousin that we have been teaching. THey missed their first bus over but they waited another hour to catch the next one to come to sacrament. Oh it was great to see all our friends there. The ward is so great with fellowshipping and welcoming them in. That is one of the greatest thing to see as a missionary. We then had our usual dinner appointment with the Bishop and his wife. Delicious as always. But they found out I love lollies (popsicles) and they bought me some for pudding (dessert). It made me so happy! Of course our focus this week was on our Saviour. I love how my love for Him can grow each time I bear witness that He lives and loves each one of us.
One neat experience this week was with another one of Danni's cousins. We were at Danni's home teaching her and her cousin came up and told us about some of the hard times he has had in his life and wanted us to help him. We were able to testify about the changing power that the atonement can have in our lives. He is willing to try it out and wants to change his life around. It just felt really good to see that people can really recognized that we are servants of the Lord and are here to help guide them in the right direction and help them gain that changing relationship with Christ and Heavenly Father. The rest of the week was trying by people and meeting with my fellow sisters and brothers in Scotland. I love it here and hope to continue the work of the Lord. Oh and I got to play twister and a members home as well. There granddaughter was over who is about 3 and we had a lot of fun doing that. I miss simple games like that sometimes. But it is always more fun when I haven't done it in a while. :) Make your week the best you can!
Sister Nicoll

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