Monday, June 17, 2013

Food, attractive men, and much more.

Hello Family and Friends,
This week has been a great one! We worked hard and have had some fun experiences as well. So many members were so kind this week about feeding us. Basically everyday we had one type of meal appointment, if not two. Falkirk Branch has been so good to us and we are doing our best to support them in order to help them out as well. Tuesday night was a youth fundraiser night and they have a Karaoke machine at the church. There is a lady named Barbra Bryceland in the branch who went on X Factor and The Voice. She performed and she is so fun to watch and listen too. Very fun night. We also got to visit many less actives and even meet some new ones that we have been trying to get in contact with. And of course we got to do some finding. We did do some finding through members and there are a few that have names of people that they want to share the gospel with. So still working with them. The other finding we did was chapping. And that is where the attractive men part comes in. We have had this part of our area that we have been wanting to chap. There were 2 guys in one night that we found very good looking. One door was for Sister Ricks to talk and she just looked at me and I had to speak because she was too shy ;) I stumble over my words as well but we still invited them to come to Christ but they politely declined. But it was good nonetheless. There was another that was really nice and took a Book of Mormon and said he will try it out. Going back later this week. Another lady we met on the street while it was raining, gave us her address and said to come by anytime. So we have some people in the works. We are still working with Kirsty and helping her find an answer. It is hard because she hasn't come to church yet and we invite her every week. We feel church would really help her. Maybe one day. Hopefully soon. One really neat tender mercy! Yesterday as we were leaving our dinner appointment and waiting at the bus stop a woman pulled over and asked us if we were the Mormon Missionaries. After saying yes she told us she had lived in Salt Lake with a mormon family for a year as an exchange student. She loved the family and took all the lessons but felt it would be too hard for her but feels alot of it is right. She said she knows what we are doing is hard and invited us over for tea(dinner) next week. She gave us a lift home as well. She is way cool and we are all excited to talk more about it. There is my week in a nutshell. A really good study session I had this week was reading Romans 8. Give it a read. I love you all and hope your week is grand!
Sister Nicoll
Sister Ricks and I near Callendar House.  Yes I do know the man in the background.  He is a man we used to teach and showed us a bit of Falkirk

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