Monday, June 24, 2013

365 Days

Hi-ya Family and Friends,
     Come this Thursday, I have been doing the Lord's work for 365 days straight! How neat is that? Feels like a great accomplishment. Not everyday is fantastic and easy going whatsoever but like I have said before and what Christ has promised is, It is worth it. Every rejection, every pouring down cold rainy day, every discouraging moment IS WORTH IT! It is worth doing for the eternal happiness for myself, my family, and especially those who have become closer to Christ because of the changing power of the Atonement. Christ's teachings are the perfect way to eternal joy!
     Alright.. so for the update this week. Probably one of the best weeks of my mission but most definitely the best week of my time here in Falkirk.
Miracles we saw:
     Monday: We met with a lady named Leslie. She is one we met a couple weeks ago and her cousin's are in our Branch. She currently goes to the Church of Scotland. We had a wonderful discussion with her and she brought up law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. She agrees with both of them, besides coffee and tea (which is very common here). But she is interested in the Book of Mormon and other things. She is going on holiday for 3 weeks but we hope to see her after....
     Tuesday and Wednesday were more of days we tried by people. But both days we got in contact with less actives that we have been trying by for a couple weeks. So that is a great plus.
     Thursday: 2 great things. First a member was finally able to come to Kirsty's with us. Since Kirsty has two young girls it can be a bit crazy and this member helped the situation so much and was able to tell her conversion story which is always a big help. And Kirsty's girls sat by me and Sister Ricks and at the end they wanted to say the prayer. So I was able to whisper to them what to say. They thought it was great. They also love "Popcorn popping on the apricot tree" and "Once there was a snowman".  I love those moments and I can't wait to teach my children those things. Then that evening we were able to see Nikki (the girl who lived in SLC). She is so fun and sooo neat! She showed us the scriptures that those in Utah bought her and her school yearbook and everything she had from it. We can tell it had a great impact on her being there. She also dropped us off at the church and came in and gave her a tour of it. She said she hopes to come check it out in a couple weeks.
     Friday: We had a lunch appointment with some members and they had a less active over and we got to meet her and hope to go meet with her and help her with some things. Members totally make the difference in missionary work. They actually help the work move forward so much quicker. 
     Saturday: We were walking to an appointment and this man was walking through the park and we decided to go talk to him. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it can answer many of life's questions. He said he feels something has been missing in religion before but he is not sure what it was. We were able to teach him much of the restoration on the park bench (some of the best lessons I have had are in parks because we don't plan for them and they are clearly by the Spirit). We hope to meet with him soon, we were suppose to today but he can't anymore. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and texted saying he is planning on it tonight. Pray for him. He seems very sincere and prepared. 
     Yesterday was moves call...... I will be staying in Falkirk and training again! Sister Ricks will be going to East Killbride in Glasgow to be with a sister from her group. I will miss her alot. We got along real well and had some good laughs together. Also she teaches so well and is willing to work. I pray my next companion will be the same. Alright, I wrote a lot this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, until next week....
Sister Nicoll   

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