Monday, June 10, 2013


Dear Fam and Friends,
Looking back on this week alot of things came down to motivation. First thing is we got to have another All Scotland Conference! I love seeing so many missionaries and getting so much inspired counsel. This meeting was about finding. The biggest topic was finding through those we already teach. So Sister Ricks and I have been striving to ask all we meet with for referrals. We do it in a better fashion the just asking for a referral. We were taught to do it by asking who could benefit from the gospel or who has had a life changing event. A couple people had others come to mind, so we are praying they talk to their friends and we are able to help them come unto Christ. Then next thing was exchanges. This time I went to Bathgate and was in a trio with 2 sisters that have only been out for 2 1/2 weeks. Not that they need to be motivated but I had to encourage them quite a bit because they had a daunting task for showing me around and getting places and doing things and being a very new missionary. But I feel the exchanged showed them they can do more then they thought and help motivate them to keep doing more and more to stretch themselves. Then Sister Ricks and I thought about what has been motivating us. Sometimes it can be about numbers. I hate to admit it but it can be. We noticed that those are the times we really get frustrated and down. So this week we will be keeping track of what we do but not talk about numbers or how many lessons we did but really focus on people. Don't go thinking we are bad missionaries... we truly care about all those we work with but we can focus more on it. Neat story... We picked a street to chap and as we were chapping and muslim teen invited us and we were able to talk about our different beliefs. She is one of the sweetest and most spiritual people I have met. We loved her. She is very strong in her faith but it was so wonderful to see her point of view on things and come away with more understanding of others beliefs. I love this work and the truth that I am able to share each day even if there are many people who use their agency to reject it. I love you all and hope you have a lovely week.
Love Sister Nicoll

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