Monday, July 22, 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
This past week or so the Zone leaders extended us a commitment. Each day we are to write down a miracle we see. I love these kind of commitments. I am able to see more and more that there are so many small miracles all around us. But just like Alma says ".. by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."(Alma 37:6-7). Now this week I have not seen anything that really confounded the wise but I did see many small miracles. One is the right member for our friends. We had two joint teaches this week and they really do make the difference. Many of our friends can only meet during the day and many members work or are on holiday. We were also able to get to a concern of one of our friends and realize that we will need to do small step by small step to help her. We will be starting the non-smoking program with one. Another miracle was yesterday evening. We had no set appointments but went to Camelon to try by referrals and potentials. Well the referral was great. It was an older couple the elders met. We were going to discuss family history and they asked us why we are promoting it. Well we got on some good gospel subject. And we gave them a Book of Mormon instead of the Family HIstory website. Better trade I would say :) The weather has been excellent this week as well. We were able to have a bbq with a family and do service for them. SO WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
Three things that I see that really go hand in hand are... Patience, humility, and miracles. We wont recognize miracles unless we are humble and really know that it is God who is making things happen and we need patience to really see things through. I am so greatful for the countless miracles God has allowed in my life. It is funny that God needed to send me to Scotland and Ireland to teach me so many of the eternal truths I have learned. But really there is no other place or situation that I needed in order to learn it all. God really is so good to all of us. We just need to recognize it and appreciate it.
I love you all and hope that this week is an excellent week for you all!
Sister Nicoll

pic 1) Town centre on a beautiful evening. Can you believe this is about 8:45 pm. Stays light til about 10
pic 2) best meal ever! Fish and chips and irn bru from Benny t's
pic 3) Sister Powell enjoying her best meal ever!

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