Monday, July 8, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,

This week has been exhausting! But looking back I can't really see what made me so tired but makes me feel we are doing something right. I decided this week to be boring for you to read but exciting for me to write about. I will give you a brief overview of who we are working with:

***May Jarvie- Met her this week. She is 93!!! She is as active as a 60 year old! She grew up on a farm and she said that is what kept her so fit. I believe it. She is lovely. She said that at her age she won't change her religion (common response here) but will listen to what we say. So we will do the ground work here and missionaries on the other side will pick it up from where we lift off 

***Andrina- Also met her this week. She is a former investigator. Her husband was an active member but passed away a few years ago. She has a big fear of going under water. But she admitted that she is not sure if that is the real reason. So we will try to help her because she said she knows it is true and wants to be with her husband forever!

***Robert- He is a friend of a member. We met him for the first time the other day. He is 81 and wants to know about seeing his wife again and understand what we believe. Very talkative and nice man. He is going on holiday for 2 weeks but hope to see him before he leaves. 

*** Kirsty- We have been seeing her for about 2 months. She hasn't been to church yet but she has a sincere desire to learn but not so much on acting. Her daughters love "Once there was a snowman" and " Popcorn popping" :)

***NIcky- She is the miracle lad who pulled over and wanted to feed us because she knew missionaries after living in Utah for a year. She is so cool and feeds us almost weekly. Her partners daughter is 15 and is usually there and she is such a great girl!

I love all these people so much! Feel so blessed to be teaching them. We have decided we need to help with strengthening the branch here. So much of our time and effort will be visiting with members and helping them help the others. 

One last thought. I have learned that almost always we will not be placed in an "ideal" situation. Each companionship, area, and everything has it's difficulties. We learn to make the "ideal" situation by being selfless and seeking for the best. I love this gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is truly the way to greatest happiness for now and for the eternities. So make this a great week for yourselves. "Come what may and love it"

Sister Nicoll 

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