Monday, August 26, 2013

After the trial.....‏

Hi-Ya Family and Friends,
Back to Ether 12:6!!! So the trial was the beginning of the week. We had monday and tuesday planned out beautifully and we were so excited about it. Then as P-day was ending we got calls and texts from the people that they would not be able to meet at those times. What was are back-up plans you may ask? Chapping. Chapping. Chapping. After recieving the news, I may or may not have sprawled on the floor and told Sister Powell that we will no longer be doing missionary work or at least for a couple days. But I got myself together and we went out. Well the first 10 door, no one was interested. Next 30 doors, same story. So we went to the bus stop to go home and the bus didn't come for another 20 minutes. So after a little bit of rest and complaining, Sister Powell crossed the street to talk to someone who was not interested and I followed and then we decided to just chap the doors right in front of us. Lo and Behold the first door we chapped the girl living there knew members and said we could come back and teach her a little more next week. And guess what.... the moment would not have been so great, if the other 50 people didn't reject us. God really knows what He is doing when He gives us things that stretch us. The next day was going to be a lot of finding as well but as we were walking Dee pulled up and offered us a lift and told us that we could come by and help her and Kirsty with some service. We were delighted! The rest of the week was fab! Nicky and Alisha were able to go to the Sherman's(a family in the branch) las night and it was so much fun! Nicky and Alisha are my absolute favourites (mostly said that because sometimes they read my blog :) But seriously we love them to bits. So does everyone else that meets them.
This morning I decided to read my call letter during study. Two lines stuck out to me and it is a shame that I forgot to write it down to email them. But they said something along the lines of if I put my whole self into the work and strive to serve God as best as I can He will bring people that I can help and are prepared to receive and follow the gospel! It also said I would be blessed to have greater knowlege and testimony of the Restored gospel. 14 months later I have seen these promises come true and I am so very very grateful for that! I love Christ and His gospel! A true blessing for all! HOpe you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Nicoll
A beautiful walk while chapping in Westquarter!

Our friend Nicky likes to make dreams come true! She is a superstar!

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