Friday, August 2, 2013


HI-YA Family and Friends,
I would just like to say that I can not believe that another week has already gone by! Sometimes I really don't like how time is flying by. I mean August starts this week. But the weather here doesn't feel anything like summer. Looks like a pretty strong chance of rain. But the rain really doesn't bother us yet. It has been too cold yet. Praying for a mild winter, at least til mid-december :) Speaking of weather... there was a couple thunder storms. I have not seen or heard one for a good year. Oh how I loved it!
As for the rest of the week! It has been wonderful! We were able to see some people but some where on holiday or else had to cancel but there was a big boost to our week. That is the All Scotland Conference this past Thursday! Of course it was good seeing Sister Ricks and Sister Harris but the big boost was the talks from Elder and Sister Teixeira (area 70) and President and Sister Brown. They talked about how the mission needs to change and be more diligent. It was much of tough love, which was very motivating and wonderful. They touched on finishing missions strong. Hit me pretty hard. I really only have 3 transfers left. I have had the last year to learn and work and learn some more. Now I need to put it into full practice. Not saying I haven't been working, just I need to stretch a little more and do my absolute best! I am excited for it! We have already seen the blessings and we hope to see more.
I could share details of all that I am doing but I would rather share my testimony. I love all the people I am serving here. Being a servant of the Lord is no doubt the greatest decision of my life. I have grown to love my family with an eternal love. Especially my immediate family. But it goes beyond that. There are so many people on this earth and many that have pasted on, that I love so very dearly and am so grateful to know that we are brothers and sisters, with the most perfect Father and Elder brother. This life is not be endured alone. It is to be enjoyed with the help of family and friends but most importantly by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are watching and encouraging us at every moment. I have realized there will always be something that is challenging us to grow and learn. But when we constantly pray to Heavenly Father it is less likely to break us. I honestly just love the blessings of the Lord and hope to help others obtain those blessings. I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week.
Sister Nicoll 

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