Monday, August 19, 2013

"Humility is not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less"‏

Dearest Familia and Amigos,
So I don't have much to say on the title of this email. I just heard that in church yesterday and thought it was great and can apply to everyone. But I feel I still have a lot to learn and appy about humility but I also feel I have already learned alot about it being on my mission. I have such a great love for all the people I meet with and see here in Falkirk. Our weeks are always filled with people we look forward to seeing. And yes there are also some crazies. Like this week. Last week when we were emailing, a man started talking to Sister Powell and said he would like to learn more and for us to come by and visit. He seemed a bit creepy, so of course we gave his info to the elders to go by and see. But we have a less active we see that lives on his same street and when we passed his house we hear a man yell "SISTER POWELL!!!!!!" She looked over and saw a him waving with no shirt on. She just took off running yelling "GROSS!"(not loud enough for him to hear). It was so funny. We started to slow down and I pretend I saw him behind us and told her that he was chasing us and I started to run. She looked so scared and started running as fast as she could. Oh my goodness!!! I was laughing pretty hard. I was sad because we were not able to see Alisha. She is 15 and she is Nicky's partner's daughter. She was gone when we visited Nicky this week. We hope to see her this week because she is really cool and makes us laugh.
Some of our friends have been gone this past week but we get to see them in the next couple of days. I am very excited! Especially Dee and Lesley. We have good lessons and chats with them. They are really searching for truth. I love hearing their experiences with praying and reading.
Well that about sums this week up. HOpe you all have a smashing week!
Sister Nicoll
Sister Powell and i on our lovely bike ride last week

The beautiful scenery of our bike ride! Be jealous!

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