Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,
          Probably going to be a shorter email this week. But it has been great nonetheless. As for the title of this email.... many of our investigators and others are going or are already on holiday. It is hard because keeping contact with them is important but hey God will take care of it. There are so many great people in Falkirk. I really am enjoying this area. We haven't seen many immediate success but that is okay because I feel at the end of the day we have done our best. We had such wonderful experiences this week. Many great dinner appointments with our friends and branch members. I love the gospel and teachings of Christ. I am glad that there are people that enjoy listening and talking about it as well and it is my calling to do so. I have learned so much goodness from it.
          I realized why I get frustrated sometimes. It is because I can't understand why people dont want the happiness that many of us have! WHY? I know it can bring happiness to their lives. And sometimes I feel they know it too but they just reject it. It is a hard change. I do remind myself that I was born learning and living these things. Most people have not and it is a drastic change. A change worth doing but I am sure it is hard. So bottom line is that I am grateful for being born into the church and learning young the truth of the gospel brings everlasting happiness.
          Well that is about all folks. Sister Powell and I will be going to borrow some members bikes and will be enjoying the scenery of Scotland.

Sister Nicoll

Beautiful Scotland

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