Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Christmas Songs!!! (9/10/13)

Hello Family and Friends,
     I have realized that Christmas Songs/Hymns are one of my stress relaxers. We sing a hymn together every morning and every morning I ask if we can sing a Christmas songs. Most mornings Sister Powell is happy to do it. Then today at District Meeting one of the other leaders there suggested we sing a Christmas song. It made me and another sister there so happy. I think part of the reason I really like it right now is because the weather we have here right now is similar to the winter weather in Arizona. hahah kind of pathetic but I love it! Today I got to asking myself why does Christmas music make me so happy. I feel it is because so many emotions and memories are attached to the songs. I love the spirit of Christmas. It really is a time for love and giving. I am grateful to grow up with Christ being the centre of the holiday and will continue that. But it is only September so I wont talk about that too much right now :)
      I got to admit that this week was a bit of a rough one for me. Thoughts of home and stress of moves call this next Sunday and just realizing how soon my mission here will be over, has been on my mind a lot. There were a couple really hard days but Sister Powell was great and helped me and I just pushed through it. But even though there were low times, there were also high times. Which of course God always does for me and I love it! We met some really nice new people and saw some of those we have been meeting with. Last night was so much fun. Nicky, Dave, and Alisha were all able to go to FHE with us at the Irvine's home. We played some games and talked about the For Strength of Youth. Alisha told us how much she has been enjoying mutual and really wants to come to church. She is such a fun girl and we love seeing her. I remember when I didn't enjoy the youth programs but by the end I really saw how much they made me the great person I am today  But really the classes and everything that is offered through the church is genius and really is there to help us become better people. 
     I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your weeks and are still finding time to serve others and spread the good word of God. I am so excited for General Conference in less than a month! Got to start preparing now! Love you all and hope you have a fab week!

Sister Nicoll 

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