Monday, September 30, 2013

Let's be Honest!!!‏

Dear Family and Friends!
Let's be honest..... this week has been a hard one. A really hard one. Not too hard to just want to give up but enough to get me down a bit. I just feel nothing is going as I wish. Many of the people that were learning and less actives they were working with before I came we have not been able to get in contact with. Many of them I have never spoken to or met. (We all know if they met me they would love me and this wouln't be a problem, Just kidding ). HOnestly it is stressful and I think it is pretty hard for Sister Pugh. It is a trial of faith and I know that and I know I will learn from it and it will be good in the end if I just stay faithful and obedient. I know that but in the moment it is HARD! The beginning of the week was really hard but it did help me appreciate more at the end of the week. An investigator that was learning before showed up at church and wanted us to teach him and said he now has most sundays off! BRILLIANT! We were able to get two dinner appointments and one of them said we could invite anyone over with us. BRILLIANT! 3 members came up and said that they have certain times during this week they are completely free and want to go out with us. BRILLIANT! These type of things give me great hope. But the love of God and things that happen that I know He is aware and cares about me is the things that give me the greatest hope and encouragement.
I still love being a missionary. I wouldn't change it for anything. I know it is helping me prepare for life. LIfe will always have opposition. And there will be good and bad days, weeks, months... But it is all a test. It has taught me to be humble and trust God. To continuely turn to Him for approval and correction. He knows us the best.
That about sums it up. Sorry it was not the happiest of emails but it is one of the most honest! Things can only go up from here! :) I love you all and if you want to join us in prayer... our ward and us are praying that we can find a family that is prepared for the gospel. We continue to search and pray. We have faith we will find them!
Love you all!
Love Sister Nicoll

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