Monday, September 2, 2013


Howdy Family and Friends,
The reason this week is titled randomness is simply because there is nay (love how they use nay sometimes for no here) consistency for anything that went on this week! Lets start with the crazy story of monday night! As we rushed out the door to go to an appointment we realized that we forgot the keys in the flat and that the door automatically locks. Thankfully a member has a spare key. So we decided we come home a bit early and go by the members to get the key and be home on time. Well.... we completely forgot about it all so we got back a bit before 9 and we called the member, no answer. So we ran to their home, no answer. We called our District leader, who called the Zone leaders, who called the Assistant to the President. We were so embarrassed. We started getting scared because it was nearly 9:30 and being the obedient missionaries thought something horrible was going to happen like getting murdered because we are not going to be in on time. But anyways we called Kirsty and Dee to see if they can pick us up and stay with them till we get it sorted. They are so kind and did so. We tried calling our landlady but she couldn't do anything at the moment. Thankfully around 9:45pm the member with the key called us and we got in. I am not sure how long it will take me to feel comfortable staying out past 9:30 when I get home hahah. But it was a fun change in the work :)
We had exchanges and that was nice. I went to Edinburgh and realized how much I truly love Falkirk and the people here. I will be so sad to ever leave! Saturday was fun! We are starting up with the branch and investigators a sports day. We played volleyball and chair football. Then two young woman from the stake came on splits with us and we had a lot of fun and will be coming again!
Highlight of the week: Yesterday a less active named Gillian came to church! We have been meeting with her for 5 months and she is absolutely one of my favorite people! She and we have been praying for her to have the opportunity to come and it happened! She and we were so happy! I just love her!
Well that about sums it all up! Hope you all have a fab week!
Sister Nicoll

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