Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Pretty sure this will be a short email but I will try to pack a lot of
things in! Well first off I made it to Kilmarnock safely. I still do
miss Falkirk and all the people there but Kilmarnock is nice. The ward
here is brilliant. They are so welcoming and really willing to help us
out. I have meet quite a few of the people and I love them already. I
have met two investigators that we are working with. One was not happy
about having a new sister and missed the other one but I think him and
I are on good terms now and have had some good chats. The other man is
very nice and is loving the gospel. He has been learning about the
gospel for about 4 weeks and loves the Book of Mormon and should be
able to make it to general conference.
Sister Pugh is my new companion and she is lovely. Sadly she has been
sick this past week and trying to take me around and such must be hard
for her but this next week we will rock it!
There are quite a few less actives we are trying to work with as well.
So sounds like there is a lot of work that will keep us busy.
That about sums it all up. Sorry if I didn't answer all of your
questions but I do have photos I will send!
Have a fabulous week!
Love sister Nicoll

Trying on armor at Dean Castle

Dean Castle, Kilmarnock

Feeding a horse

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