Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Happy are we" !!!!

Hi-ya Family and Friends,
 Well this week has been adventures I would say. But nothing too crazy! They have been trying to get us a new flat for awhile now. Mostly because Elders have been in it since 1999 and our neighbour smokes lots of fags and the smell seeps in through the sink and tub and the mattresses feel like we are sleeping on a huge pile of laundry because it is so lumpy. But it does have a nice sound system. Anyways they were able to get us a nice new posh flat! And I am in love with it. We have a couple attractive neighbours but I dont pay attention to that because I am a missionary. But this week we did a lot of cleaning a moving and are finishing it up today. There are Elders that are moving into Kilmarnock as well. So that will be fun and helpful. If you haven't figured out yet... Sister Pugh and I will be staying here another transfer. I am excited. There are loads of poeple that I love here and it will be good to finish off here.
Other good news... Billy is with a baptismal date. He is working toward the 16th of Nov. He has somethings to work out but he LOVES the gospel and church now. He has been fighting it for awhile but has had some humbling experiences. He was able to go to Irvine with us and a member on Saturday because the sisters there were having a baptism. He said it was the first time he felt the spirit while meeting with us. What better place to feel the spirit than at a baptism?!? So he is working toward this month and he knows it is very important to do. Now what has made the difference with him? A member! He has a really good relationship with a member and she has helped him a lot. Members make the difference!
Guess who I got to see this week? SISTER RICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! I MISS AND LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! She is with the sisters in Irvine and we got to even serve together for a whole day and have 2 sleep overs! Oh how it made my week so good :)
Well looks like this will be a short email! I hope you all have a fun Halloween! Kilmarnock celebrated it last Friday but is also going to this Thursay. The more sweeties the better!
Here is a funny story for you all... We went by a former investigator and she let us in and she has a very chatty 6 year old girl. Loved her right away. Well she was asking us if we had kids. Told her no. She asked us if we have husbands. Told her no. Then in all seriousness and concern for us she told us " You need to lose this job and get some husbands" hahahah oh how i love how honest kids are :)
Lots of Love
Sister Nicoll
Pic 1) Great picture of sis ricks and I
Pic 2) sister ricks and I doing a great job cutting sis ryans hair!

Pic 3) Our district thanksgiving feast!

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