Monday, October 21, 2013


Monday, October 14, 2013
Hi-ya Fam and friends,

Once again this email may be a bit short. Not to say we didn't do anything
but nothing that is really oober exciting to report. But that doesn't mean
it wasn't a good week. It was a uplifting week. We had a zone meeting and
had interviews with President Brown. I am not sure if I have ever said how
much I love that man. He is a spirtiual giant and has such a great sense of
humour. I am truly blessed to be serving here at the time that he is my
mission president.
Just in short I learned a lot about attitude this week and the past month
or so. Lately I haven't had the best attitude, to be honest. I still love
doing the work but I let little things get in the way of really seeing the
joy that comes from it. I focused on things that I am lacking more than the
things that I am doing well in. As we all know that makes it hard for the
Spirit to be with me. The spirit likes to be in a positive atmosphere. So
in a couple of the last district meeting that topic was mentioned and I
brushed it off. But God knows me and keep having little things be mentioned
about attitude, til of course it got throught my head that I need to
change. Wow reading back I am making myself sound horrible. I want you all
to know that I am not a complete debby downy all the time, just every once
in a while. Anyways, I went on exchanges with Sister Passey (Sister
Training Leader) and we got on really well and started talking about
it. And she committed me to just pray for a better attitude in
specific things. HOW SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL PRAYERS ARE!!!! Now not to
say that I am positive polly now but my attitude is a lot better. So
here is where I encourage you all to look at something in your life
that you are not enjoying but you know God wants you to do. Pray for a
better attitude about it. I can promise you it works because I have
seen thise week be so much better for myself. Well I hope you all have
a fabulous week. I am off to Glasgow SCOTLAND to enjoy the day with
about 12 other sister missionaries. But I am more excited to see what
work Sister Pugh and I can accomplish this week for the Lord.
Love you all!
Sister Nicoll

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