Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Let's get together, yeah ,yeah yeah"‏

Dearest Family and Friends,
Was Conference not the greatest thing that has happened in a while?!?!? There were 2 constant themes that I pulled out of it. Covenants and missionary work. Which go hand in hand. I love the spiritual high that comes from it! The song that comes to mind is from parent trap "Let's get together" Members and missionaries need to get together to help others feel the joy of the gospel. Pres Uchtdorf's talk was great for the reason of why we should do it. There are so many opportunities to do good while being in Christ's church. People in our lives are searching for what we have. I believe that! Let's take the challenge seriously about finding someone between now and Christmas who we can hlep feel God's love.
This week we found success chapping! SCORE! It is a mother, son and daughter. The son is 10 and is learning about Jesus in school and is loving it! The mum doesn't have much of a belief but is willing to learn. The girl is three and just likes new people coming to show her toys to :) Also two of our friends came to conference yesterday and love it! It was brilliant. One of them took our counsel and came with a question in mind. He said it is personal that no one really knows about and could answer. And who answered it for him, you may ask...? THE PROPHET OF GOD!!!! Just strengthened my testimony of a living day prophet and how they are to lead us and we can find answers through them because they are speaking from the Lord! Needless to say it was a much better week this week! I love you all and were able to enjoy conference as much as I did. Said it is my last one on the mission but serisouly was the greatest one and I am happy to have been here for it! Have a fabulous week, remembering your covenants and serving others!
Sister Nicoll

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