Monday, October 21, 2013

It can only go up from here :)

Dear Family and Friends,
Well from the title you can tell that this was a bit of a hard week as pertaining to the work. Out of the 6 people we are trying to work with right now, only one could meet with us this week. A bit rubbish but this week should be much better! This left us a lot more time to find. Which was pretty fun. There are about 5 or 6 streets that the ward prayed about for us to chap. We did it in the rain and got soaked but honestly we had a blast! I loved it. It was kind of warm rain. But it was a shame because no one really took pitty on us and let us in but one day they will. As for a funny story... I got bit by a dog. Yep I for reals did. I was slipping a card through someones letter box and the dog bit my finger. It is still sore hahaha but pretty funny. Also yesterday Dee and Kirsty from Falkirk came and visit and brought a picnic for us to have after church! It was way good seeing them. They are so nice!
It has happened.... everyone said it would but i never believed them. My last moves call is this coming sunday. WHAT!?!?! I hardly know a thing. At times I feel I have been doing this for 6 months and other days is feels like 6 years. But I am surprised how quick this last stretch is going. Now I am sure some are wondering how I feel about it, actually I know some are wondering because you have asked :) Well let me tell you... I am excited to see my family and friends. My love for you all has grown so much over the last year and a bit. And I can feel that my service as a missionary is soon up. Also a bit nervous for how life will be. I know that is normal and will get over it. BUT more than anything I am so sad. My heart has grown very fond of Ireland and Scotland and the people here. I  have seriously met some of the most amazing people. I know that, that is because God has allowed me to see many of them the way He sees them. Being a missionary I am able to tak about the Saviour and things pertaining to eternal happiness ALL THE TIME and thought it is still weird to some, it is expected as a missionary and I LOVE THAT! Yes there are still hard days but that will still be apart of this whole mortal experience but being a missionary I can forget about it and have multiple opportunities to serve others to help forget. So what I am saying is I am going to try MY BEST to make the best of the my time left as full-time missionary and not think of anything else but to bring others to Christ! I love you all and hope your week is great! I am off to go go-carting!
sister Nicoll

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