Monday, October 22, 2012

Another Good Week

Hello Family and Friends,

So as mentioned in the subject line... it has been another good week. A couple of exciting things have happened. Last p-day we went with about 6 other elders to the wax museum here. It was alot of fun and I will hopefully attach some photos of it. Today we are going with Sean to Howth to do some shore crab fishing. I am pretty stoked. So that is the worldly fun side of the week, now lets get to the spiritual fun things ( a little sarcasm there). But on Tuesday we met with our investigator Raj. He is from India I believe and he doesn't know too much English  Well we decided we should let him know that baptism is important and that we are meeting with him to make that step in life. So that was our whole lesson. Baptism into Christ's church. He told us that he has already been baptized. So we tried to explain authority and that THIS church is Christ's church. He understood pretty well but still thought he was saved because of already being baptized. Which is understandable. But we asked how he felt when he went to the church. He said happy and good. And we told him he can have that feel always and show that he can show God he wants that always by being baptized into this church. He liked that idea and agreed to be baptized on Nov  23rd, his birthday :) We still need to teach him about Joseph Smith and such but definitely a good step with him :) This coming week we are doing for the first time in this mission a sister exchange. I will be going to Belfast Thursday afternoon til Saturday afternoon. Super excited. I have met the sister I will be with a couple times and she is so funny and sweet. So yep... I am excited. Okay I about covered everything besides the best news of this week. Last email I told about Corinna and her getting baptized. Which is still happening tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Sean got the priesthood yesterday and will be baptizing her. Oh my goodness..... it will be so wonderful. She has asked me to talk about baptism and I will also be playing the piano (pray for me) But the biggest news was the text she sent us a couple days ago. Her mom has been totally against her being baptized and she is out of town right now and Corinna was just going to do it without her mom knowing. But she decided to tell her over skype. Her mom told her that she can be baptized if she knows it will make her happy. And then her mom is coming home tonight from vacation so she can be here for Corinna. I am sure the spirit told her mom that it will be alright and Corinna needs her support. I am so so so thankful that her mom listened to the spirit and will be there for her. That is why this was another good week. I love you all and am so thankful for all your thoughts and prayers. Keep up the missionary work in your own life. This work needs the help of us all! 
Sister Nicoll 
ps last picture is a graveyard/church that we pass by as we go to a members. Neat places! 

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