Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy busy week!

30 October 2012
 Hi-ya Family and Friends,

Yep it was a busy and very eventful week. But it all went well and I loved it! First off:
                Corinna's Baptism: Definitely top 5 highlights of my mission. Since it was only my second baptism I wasn't super sure what all had to go down but Sister Peterson took charge and it all came out perfect. Sean was able to baptize her and he was looking so slick. You can probably see in the pictures. He made it special for her and made her feel comfortable. So perfect. Best part was the support from all her friends and family. Both her dad and mom came and about 10 non-member friends. Some even brought her flowers. A couple are going to start coming to YSA and want to learn more. We have a lesson tonight with one of her friends. Corinna is just awesome. Her mom was able to be right by font steps off to the side and see her be baptized and she really appreciated it. She also got teary eyed. I think she has had a change of heart. Not that she will join but she is more accepting of Corinna being baptized. I did end up talking and playing the piano. I decided to do what the scriptures say and treasure up the words in my mind and heart continually and at the hour it is need the spirit will help me speak. Now you know how hard this is for me because each talk in the past was written word for word and I would just read it. It was a huge act of faith but I felt it would be more sincere to Corinna. And God did not fail me. I was still super nervous and shaking but the spirit was with me and I spoke what came to mind and it turned out to be well. I felt the spirit so strong at the baptism, especially when corinna gave her testimony at the end. This church is definitely true. The joy it brings to people's lives is not fake. It is truly from God and it is Him fulfilling His promises when we do what He asks us to do. That is why baptisms are so spiritual. God is so pleased when His children take that step in returning to Him and trusting Him. I encourage you to all go when there is one in your ward or stake. It helps the convert and it blesses you to recieve that blessing of feeling the spirit.
               Belfast Exchange: I am just briefly going to say what went on. BUt all in all it was so good. I served in belfast with Sister Olsen. She is super great! I went up thursday night and we visited a less active. Then friday morning ALL of our appointments fell through. Bit of a bummer but we went by some less actives. And our night appointments were good. Saturday all of our appointments were good also. And I left saturday afternoon. I took the train both ways. She met me in Dublin. Then sis. peterson met me in belfast. But i really learned from Sister Olsen the importance of loving the people and how to do that. She is truly a wonderful missionary. She helped me a lot and we had some really good talks that helped. I am pretty sure I need this exchange. I have another this week and I am suppose to get us around DUblin. I am sure we will get lost at least 3 times. 
Well sorry it is so short but I am needing to go because we are meeting the elders soon to go to the zoo! So excited. I will put a picture of last week's crab fishing in the Irish Sea. All of you should be jealous. It was a blast! Love you all and pray all goes well back home! Cheers!
 Sister Nicoll

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