Monday, October 8, 2012

Conference was bomb!‏

Hello everyone,

 So conference was FANTASTIC!!! Before I go on about it I will let you know how it works over here:
  1-3pm  We watched the Relief Society session
  5-7pm  We watched Saturday morning Session Live
   1-3pm  We watched Saturday evenings session not live
   5-7pm  We watched Sunday mornings session Live
We were not able to watch sunday evenings and we wont get the sunday evenings session talks til we get our ensign in January. A bit of a wait but all that i watched was fabulous. Then mission age was such a shock! That is super exciting and means more sisters will be coming out here in the up coming months. So great!!!! My favorite talk I think was about the 'first observe, then serve'. It seems that we seem to wait til  someone has a baby or a death in the family to serve. Don't get me wrong people need service at that time but everyday there is definitely someone around us that needs maybe just a small act of service. Maybe just a call or help with cleaning. If we just look around us, God will open our eyes to see what is need to help one of His children's burdens be lighten through us. Which brings me to what seems to be the theme of conference. The Lord CAN use us but we have to open ourselves up to it. We need to pray for opportunities to bring the blessings of the Lord to people. But when we pray for that we need to be willing to act on the promptings. I feel like it was mentioned at least in 4 talks. I just loved conference!! We watched it at the Church building and quite a bit of members showed up. Also 2 investigators came and sean was able to make it too priesthood. 
Alright one cool story about one of the investigators that came. Last week we went to city centre with the Elders and did some general conference finding. We had a table set up and told people about general conference and prophets. One lady that one of the elders talked to and invited that I met also in City Centre came to conference. That is neat but the super neat thing that happened was.... Before the morning session on saturday, Sister Harris and I were sitting by her and she was expressing the concerns of the immorality that is going on in the world and asked our stance on it. We briefly went over it and we put our trust in the Lord and told her that she will most likely hear a talk today about it. Lo and behold Elder Cooks talk! AND Sister Dibbs. She was very pleased and so was I. God truly knows what ALL His children need. It was a sweet experience to see how it all tied together. She said it went a bit long and didn't come sunday but said she will come to institute on thursday and church next sunday! AWESOME!!! 
Well my last bit of info to share with you all is about moves.... Which I will not be doing. I will be staying here with Sister Peterson. I sure will miss Sister Harris alot! She was a huge blessing to serve with! I love her lots but she will do well in Scotland. 
Well I love you all and hope your week is grand!
Love, Sister Nicoll

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