Monday, October 15, 2012

Miracle Week!!!‏

I think I am going to start my letters with hello every time because I am not sure how to be very creative about it. Alright I am just going to start out with all the miracles Sister Peterson and I have experienced this week. I personally believe we have been blessed with them because we both were worried how it would be going from 3 to 2 companions and the Lord of course knew our worries so he blessed us with a great start. First the definition of Miracle: An extraordinary event caused by the power of God. Miracles are an important element in the work of Jesus Christ.   So here are the blessing we experienced. On thursday we were headed out to a lady's home to visit. And before we went there we were going to stop at a store and by 30 day bus passes. Sister Peterson had the thought (from the Holy Ghost) to take some old passes that only had a day or two left on them. Lo and behold the store didn't have 30 day passes and we were able to use the other ones and didn't have to waste time and be late to our appointment by going back to the flat. As we were leaving the store another miracle occurred. A man stopped us and told us that he had met with missionaries before and that him and his girlfriend just found out they are expecting a baby and have been thinking about the church and would like to know more. AWESOME! So we set up an appointment with him, which was great, but as we were, we saw our bus that we always missed drive by without us. We knew we had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus and that we would yet again be late for this appointment. But guess what? Another miracle! We went to our stop in the pouring rain thinking it would be a 20 minute wait. But here's the amazing part! A 29a (that was our bus) popped up on the arrival board and said it would be there in 4 minutes! We were amazed. That never happens, especially on Dublin Bus. We got on the bus and found that we were the only ones on it. It's usually a very popular bus and stops at nearly every stop, but we noticed that we weren't stopping anywhere. We were flying and saw that we would be on time to this appointment. We kept looking at each other thinking, really?! We got to our stop at 10:28. When we got off the bus, the bus driver said, "Here you go ladies," as if he knew all along that that was where we'd be getting off. When we got off the bus, we saw that the route number had been zeroed out. We were basically riding a bus that was out of service, except for us. Instead of saying 29a, the bus was "0", where normally it would be "***" for out of service. We decided that the "0" was symbolic of eternity or Omega because that was definitely a bus sent from heaven. We're convinced one of the three Nephites was driving it. As I type this I can really feel that God was blessing us all day long. I am truly thankful for moments like these that you can see it is the work of the Lord. The rest of the week was great as week. Another man (slightly drunk) stopped us on the streets as we were going to city centre. He had us go to the park and talk with him and his wife. His wife had lost all faith in God and questioned His existance. We talked about how we know that He loves us and her. We told her that life may not seem fair now but we will all live again after this life and God will make sure all becomes fair. She listened but didn't talk much but I know she felt something by the way she listened. Even if we don't see her again I felt we fulfilled our call by inviting someone to come closer to Christ. It has been a great week! One last neat thing is that yesterday I was talking to our investigator Corinna at church and she committed to baptism on the 27th of Oct. and by then Sean our recent convert with have the priesthood and she wants him to baptize her. I can already feel that will be an emotional day. I am so excited. I love you all!!!
Sister Nicoll

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