Monday, October 1, 2012

First Baptism

Mon 1 October 2012
So basically only 2 stories for this week. One that is not so exciting and one that is very exciting. Not so exciting: is our visit with this man named Samuel. Not sure if I have mentioned him before but if so just bare with me. He is a born again Christian and the two times we have met with him, it ends up him talking about his religion more so then us talking about ours. He knows is bible verses pretty darn well and interprets them to his own liking pretty well too. So this last time he was going on and on about the trinity. Which he explained it more clearly then I have heard before, so that was a plus. But finally at the end we asked him a question about the spirit and it totally stumped him. To long to explain the question and all but it just testified to me that we really do have the fullness of the gospel. We may not know all the answers but we can search them out and find them out. I love that about the scriptures. God wants us to know the truth and return to him and it is through the restored gospel that we do that. 
Next story: SEAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! Such a beautiful experience. He was nervous but after his baptism he bore his testimony and it was wonderful. He was nervous to tell his mom and brother about. He told his brother 2 days before and mom a few weeks earlier. They both came and his mom even came to his confirmation on sunday. We could all tell she felt really good coming. Sean even said she was fighting the spirit of church. :) He really is a fantastic guy and loves the gospel. Believe it or not I helped sing in the musical number at the baptism. Against my will but it was fun to be apart of it. It was us 3 sisters and 2 guys from ysa he knows. Then sean did his own musical number with a flute type thing and it was beautiful. So glad i was here in Dublin to be apart of it. 
I will explain next week what we do for conference. Because I still not for sure how it will all go down because of the time difference.
Well that about covers this week. Sorry it was so short and not too much excitement but just know I enjoyed my week. I love you all and hope your week is grand.
Love, Sister Nicoll

We like to take pictures of ourselves while we wait
                  for Samuel to show up for the appointment.                     
Cheesy gag gift we gave sean for his baptism 
Sean and the Trio (Sisters Peterson, Harris & Nicoll)

Sean, his brother and mother

Sean and I after his baptism

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