Monday, April 22, 2013

I am going to look so good.....

Hi-ya Family and Friends,
Can't believe another week has flown by. Sister Ricks and I had another great week. It was a bit of a crazy week. We were able to meet with William (the man sis. R. invited to be baptized) twice. He is very kind and sincere. He wont commit to a date for baptism but I know that will come with more learning. He was not able to come to church because he feels pretty sick in the mornings but we believe in prayers and power of God, so soon he will be coming out :)
This week we also got in contact with a couple people who have not been coming out to church for quite a while. One lady we visited, we realized doesn't have a knowledge of much of the gospel, so we will be starting from the beginning and help her remember what she once knew was true. She said she would love to work toward going to the temple. So with that wonderful goal in sight I think we will help her come back and enjoy fully the blessings of the gospel. Then another sister meet us in a train station as we were going to Edinburgh and said that she wants to go to church but works all the time. So we will be going over hopefully soon to keep her updated. So I would like to go on a little rant here, since I seem to do that once an email. :) Visiting Teaching and home teaching are so important. I know with those living here and in Ireland and I am sure many other places, it is tricky and hard because of distance everywhere. But even a phone call to other sisters and brothers is so important. One of the greatest commandments is to love others. How can you show more love than to continually letting others know that you love them, willing to serve them, and help uplift them in the gospel. Many of those that have stopped coming out to church have not had contact with v.t. or h.t. for quite a while. Something to think about. Okay rant is done. As for my title of the email...... we walk EVERYWHERE! Partially because we don't understand bus routes and because we have a lot of finding time so we just walk to appointments. I swear we walked 20 miles at least the other day. My feet are so sore but it is worth it. Only 3 days I think this week did it rain on us. So not too bad :) But both times walking to church it rained and we have to climb a steep hill. We feel like legit missionaries!
One other thing to share from this week was Zone Interview/training in Edinburgh. I love the inspiration given there. We talked about filling our time with good, better, and best things. And President Brown talked about being missionaries out of obligation, duty or love. I feel I am moving toward out of love. It was been a wild but wonderful experience being a missionay. Also as I had my interview with President Brown, I made my decision of whether to extend or not. But I would like to tell the family all together on Mothers Day . Hope all of your week is good and hear from you next week!
Sister Nicoll

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