Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi-ya Fam and Friends,

Why does General Conference only come every 6 months? I could not get enough of it. Yep very different attitude then before my mission but hey change is good! Not sure if you could guess but my favorite was Sister Elaine S. Dalton. She mentioned Scotland and our mission motto. Then she goes on to do our part. I must say it was absolutely perfect for comfort and encouragement to keep on keeping on. But the two themes I heard throughout all of conference was about families and missionary work. The inspiration and love from all the speakers really touched me and I can not wait for the Ensign! One quote I loved, that i believe is from Elder Andersen, was about the influx of missionaries coming in. Went something like this. "Just like how God is preparing many more young men and women to preach the gospel, He is preparing many others to receive it" I love that and how true it is. One last thing I noticed is that with every talk the speaker gives a promised blessing somewhere in the talk if we apply what they teach. I loved promised blessings. :)
Alright now about the rest of the week. Friday was a really good finding day. I have noticed that when I talk with people I don't focus as much as I should on the Book of Mormon. Well on Friday I decided I would do that more. And it really did help because many people here have a belief in Christ and many other similar beliefs, so focusing on the Book of Mormon helped bring up questions and things. I have known this my whole mission but it was nice to get back to basics. One lady is a baptist and was happy to have more info about Christ and said she will show her baptist preacher. Made us chuckle because we are not very sure her preacher will tell her to read it. But we still hope and will go by her again and see what the preacher said :)
Moves call was last night. I hate the week before moves because I get so anxious and just want to know right away. Anyways we thought for sure Sister Tylka would be leaving but God has other plans. I will be going to Falkirk Scotland and training. So in mission lingo. White wash training. I am pretty nervous but excited. A new adventure for the mission. On Thursday we go to the mission home and climb pratt's hill with our new trainee. Should be fun stuff. I will get to see many of the sisters in the mission and it will be a great and crazy reunion. Hope you all have a fabulous week! I love you all!!!!
Sister Nicoll

Tracting in streets of Brechin.  Love the Scenery. 

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