Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi-ya Family and Friends,
Yep I am serious when I say that this was one of the best weekends. I pray that the rest of my mission has such blessings and miracles! Since explaining everything will take forever to explain and talk about I will give some brief over views and expound on some things.
1) Got to see Sister Harris and some other sisters that I love ALL day thursday. IT WAS SUCH A BLAST!
2) We were able to hike Pratt's Hill (Arthur's Seat). Which is very steep and hard to climb. So we could tell who really did affective work outs in the morning. We came to the conclusion that not many people do. :) But as we were up there President Brown allows us and the trainees to dedicate ourselves to the work. It was such a peaceful and powerful experience, to overlook Scotland and pray to Heavenly Father for help and promise to do all I can to do my part.
3) I was able to meet my wonderful new companion, Sister Amanda Ricks. She had read my mission blog before( feel super popular), so we had a bit to talk about. Thank you sis for doing the blog.
4) We got on the right train hahah. I was worried about that. :)
5) At the train station about 6 members greeted us, along with the elders that we get to serve with in Falkirk.
6) The members took us to our flat. And one sister even bought food to last us through the weekend. How kind is that?
7) Our Branch President dedicated our flat.
8) Sister Ricks came out prepared. She is willing to take anything on, so I make her do everything. Just kidding. But she is really easy to work with and has such faith and excitement. I love it.
9) They give a challenge out to new missionaries to invite someone to be baptized before sunday night. Well Sister Ricks took it on and we created the spiritual atmosphere on the street for this man. It was not awkard when she asked and he said he will learn and if it is true will be baptized. Super neat experience.
10) The Elders in the ward have taken such good care of us. They made appointments to meet less-active members and made dinner appointments for us that they would usually go to. And today we were short on food for lunch and they made us some sandwiches and things. Yep they are fantastic. I am excited to serve with them.
11) Then we felt we should turn back to a certain area we knew. As we stopped this man, we found out he has been less active for 30 years and has an active sister in Utah that has written him lately and expressed her testimony. He was hestitant at first but later on invited us to come back.
I love the miracles that Heavenly Father allows me to be apart of. Not every moment is easy but my goodness it is all worth it.
Funny story. We chapped into this polish man and had a small chat about God and his belief and and when we were leaving we did the usual and asked if we could pray with him. He looked around the flat (looking for an excuse) and simply said that he has to use the bathroom and then kindly shut the door. Wish people could be honest and just say no instead of lame excuses :) Funny though. Well ta ta for now ya'll!
Sister Nicoll
Sisters Nicoll & Harris on Pratt's Hill (Picking up Greenie Missionaries)

Sisters Nicoll & Ricks as new companions in Falkirk, Scotland

Overlooking beautiful Scotland from Pratt's Hill

Ashlee's Message to her Dad:
My comp is from somewhere near Salt Lake. Our new flat is kind of crappy but they did their best and were very nice. We can feel every spring in  the mattresses haha but so is life. The office is trying to get us some blankets to put on top. Our gas ran out yesterday so the flat was sooooooooooooo cold but we laugh it all off :)
the address is
118 comely place
fk1 1QQ
13 new sisters came in. So 3 older missionaries had to trio train. But the sisters that are trio training are amazing. I love all the sisters here. It is weird being a trainer but really the faith of the new missionary works lots of miracles. I love that aspect at least. And my trainee is really good so no problems there. Also I am a great example. :)

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